February’s improvements and curatorial updates

Sorry for the delay this month….a lot was happening.

We make regular technical and usability improvements to the Civic Tech Field Guide. These are always available on our site changelog.

You can also stay up to date on the 50 most recently added project listings at civictech.guide/new.

February’s site updates:

  • Created pages for Poland, Washington DC, and South Africa (with additional project data from the curators coming shortly)
  • Fixed over 50 broken or missing project links
  • Removed clutter from submit listing page
  • Fixed 478 project screenshots that went missing due to a site migration bug
  • Updated navigation menu links to point to improved table of contents pages
  • Added all project categories (instead of just one) to card view in lists across the site
  • Fixed broken map pins on sub-page maps (example)
  • Fixed projects’ featured images not appearing on when their map pin is selected