March’s updates and site improvements

Yellow flowers bloom

We’re in new times. Here’s how we improved the Civic Tech Field Guide in March:

  • Presented on “How to Last in Civic Tech”. Video, slides, data, and write-up are coming soon on Civicist.
  • Created a Coronavirus Response page to share key resources, funding opportunities, events, and projects in a single place.
  • Imported 372 new projects to the collection.
  • Created a screencast explaining the Field Guide.
  • Moved world map to a sub-page ( to speed up loading time and reduce visual overload.
  • Also removed most recent blog post cards and reduced ‘ways to use the Guide’ section to a single line with 5 items instead of two lines with 6. Page render complete time cut in half.
  • Made the homepage search button flush with the text input searchbar.
  • Styled project cards on Graveyard page to appear gray as they do elsewhere on site.
  • Fixed hundreds of project screenshots that went missing due to a site migration bug.
  • Added ‘Degree programs‘ category to distinguish from existing ‘Courses’ category
  • Limited Twitter embed on profile pages to show only 5 most recent tweets
  • Created Social category for mutual aid
  • Fixed profile Acquisition fields not displaying data, and made it link to the URL or directory listing for the acquirer (example).