How to claim your page on the Civic Tech Field Guide

We welcome project owners, founders, and/or staff to claim their page(s) on the Civic Tech Field Guide.
Click the "Claim now!" link to claim your page

How to claim your page

Just find your listing by searching for it (there’s a search bar at the top of every page on the site). Then, look in the righthand column and you’ll see a link to “Claim now!”

Click that and create an account. You’ll send us a quick note verifying who you are, with your email address (we don’t need your phone number, even though the form asks for it, so feel free to fill that with 000-000-0000). We’ll confirm and approve your request.

Why claim your page?

Claiming your page will set up a contact form so that people who discover your project can reach you. You’ll also be able to add and update the project data and images, and view site traffic to your page.

Claiming also lets us know that you’re interested in improving the page. Once you claim it, we’ll help you format the page and add any new or missing information to give people the right impression of your project(s).

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions.