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Our Data Bodies

Based in marginalized neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan, and Los Angeles, California, we look at digital data collection and our human rights, work with local communities, community organizations, and social support networks, and show how different data systems impact re-entry, fair housing, public assistance, and community development.


The system attaches to a drone, and drops small incendiaries known as “dragon eggs” from a safe height, at a much lower cost and personal risk than a helicopter.

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Una plataforma de participación ciudadana digital que permite visibilizar y priorizar propuestas ciudadanas a nivel nacional

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Website builder for political candidates and campaigns

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Online Candidate

Providing an affordable website platform geared for political campaigns and organizations.

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How Long Will Vote Counting Take? Estimates and Deadlines in All 50 States

The New York Times asked officials in every state and the District of Columbia about their reporting processes and what share of votes they expect to be counted by noon on Wednesday, Nov. 4. Here’s what they said to expect.

NYC Public Engagement Unit

The Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit (PEU) proactively connects New Yorkers to key City services, like housing and healthcare.

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The Local Office Function Index

The Local Office Function Index (LOFI) is a standardized, nationwide dataset of what your elected officials are responsible for and how you can engage with them.

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A tool to help election officials (and election officials only) report problems with election mail

Ciudadanía Inteligente

One of South America's leading campaign and tech organizations

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¡Sigue los proyectos de ley de tu interés! Encuentra proyectos relacionados a las propuestas hechas en Chilecracia y proyectos de la Agenda social y anti-abuso del Gobierno.

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The New York City Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer

The mission of the NYC Mayor's Office of the CTO is to ensure that technology is inclusive, accessible, human-centered, and works for all New Yorkers.

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Ballot Information Project

We collect nationwide datasets of who and what is on the ballot for each election.

The Big Send

Vote Forward volunteers encourage fellow citizens to participate in our democracy by writing and sending letters at their own expense. A diverse community of more than 150,000 volunteers from all over the country has written letters in 2020.

Sponsor the Vote

Make a small donation and this group will mail voter registration forms to unregistered voters in that state.

Ride Share 2 Vote

RideShare2vote provides full training for drivers regarding voter laws as well as implementing CDC guidelines regarding masks, sanitizing before and after completing rides and social distancing with only one rider in the back seat.

Protect the Vote

Protect the Vote is a national coalition of nonpartisan organizations focused on making sure everyone can vote. They have great volunteer opportunities across the country.

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Princeton Corpus of Political Emails

This corpus contains emails from candidates running for state and federal office, political parties, and other political organizations like PACs. As of Sun Oct 18 23:52:25 EDT 2020, the corpus contains 286,576 emails from 3,071 senders.

Power the Polls

Power the Polls makes it really easy to sign up to become a poll worker and ensure that there are enough people to staff voting locations across the country.

Pizza to the Polls

Pizza to the Polls is making democracy delicious by delivering free food for all to polling places with long lines. Send us reports of long lines and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements.

U.S. Digital Response

We place experienced, pro-bono technologists to work with government and organizations responding to crisis, to quickly deliver critical services and infrastructure that support the needs of the public. We’re non-partisan, fast, and free.

I Will Vote

Select your state, make sure you're registered to vote, then choose how you're going to vote this year. Built by the Democrats.

Every Vote In

This easy-to-use tool from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office will guide you through the ways you can cast your ballot safely in 2020.

Chefs for the Polls

World Central Kitchen and its partners are activating Chefs For The Polls to serve nourishing meals on early voting days and Election Day.


RankedVote is the easiest way to create ranked-choice voting polls on any device.


A single civic action each day ensures that a voter will never miss an election and feel empowered showing up to the polls.

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Canadian Open Data Society

Canadian Open Data Society was formed around CODS - the Canadian Open Data Summit. The organization supports open data across Canada.

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