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Inspired by the help that people give each other during hard times, we created an application that will allow anyone in need to find help in their daily duties.

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Usability Lab at Open Tech Fund

These usability challenges hamper tool adoption, or may cause misunderstandings for users about tool functionalities, and subsequently may give users a false sense of security.

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Trustable Technology mark

It empowers consumers to make informed decisions & enables companies to prove their connected devices are trustworthy.

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I’ve been working on organizing some departmental knowledge at CMS, and our human-centered design team – the crew that promotes design thinking and helps other teams build better, more user-focused products and processes1 – recommended that my first step be to get teams to make directories.

HatchLab Innovation Studio

A HatchLab is a new kind of global storytelling workshop.

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How to Help: News You Can Do Something About

How to Help is a digital media startup that connects you with ways to do something about the day’s big news stories.

Citizen Science (book)

If you are a professional researcher who wants to learn more about how to get started with designing your citizen science project, this is a good place to start

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À l'initiative du Président de la République, le Gouvernement engage un Grand Débat National permettant à toutes et tous de débattre de questions essentielles pour les Français


Tracking Donald Trump's Campaign Promises. It is a project by the fact-checking organization Politifact.

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The People’s Right to Know

Comparing Harold L. Cross’ Pre-FOIA World to Post-FOIA Today

The US Office of Technology Assessment

OTA's purpose was to provide Congressional members and committees with objective and authoritative analysis of the complex scientific and technical issues of the late 20th century, i.e. technology assessment.

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Appropriate technology movement

a movement (and its manifestations) encompassing technological choice and application that is small-scale, affordable by locals, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and locally autonomous.

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Whole Whale

Using the Whole Whale Podcast has been covering stories of marketing and technology since 2014 reaching over 4,000 nonprofit professionals a week.

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How technology is disrupting, remaking, and sometimes overrunning our cities.

Civic tech patterns

In the spirit of Wikipatterns, this is a collection of patterns and anti-patterns for describing common practices that may help or hinder the conception or design of your civic technology.

Yet Another Mail Merge

One of many services that makes it easier to message people individually through your existing Gmail account

States of Change

Across the globe, government teams are pioneering new ways to solve our biggest challenges. States of Change is a collective that exists to support this growing global movement

France Renaissance

Une application performante (utilisée notamment par la campagne présidentielle de Donald Trump) pour la mobilisation des Français de droite.

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The best way to understand what people think is to ask and listen.

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WhatsApp: The Widespread Use of WhatsApp in Political Campaigning in the Global South

The research conducted by Tactical Tech and our partners over the last 18 months has confirmed that WhatsApp is now a primary means of delivery for political messaging in many countries in the Global South, with particularly strong penetration in rural communities where internet is accessed mostly via smartphones.

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Campaign Accelerator Training

Learn to design creative, people-powered advocacy campaigns that transform systems

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Civic tech immigration coalition listening sessions

The latest “zero-tolerance policy” by the US government of separating and now detaining families who seek asylum in the US has led us to take action.

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Digital Rights Now

Driving business growth through effective marketing

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UK official statistics on homelessness: comparisons, processes and definitions

This tool will help you to compare official statistics on homelessness and rough sleeping across the UK, with information provided on each of the four countries.

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Governing.Digital is a clearinghouse for trustworthy information and analysis about digital governance for governments, technology companies, nonprofits, journalists, and the public.


Reported.ly wrapped up in August 2016 but during its brief yet impactful run, its international team of journalists surfaced breaking news and reported on human rights and social justice issues through the expansive lens of social media.