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By receiving, storing and analyzing flight data, the boards of the country's 17 airports and calculating flight delays help passengers make a data-driven choice

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Using modern technologies will facilitate the possibility of public participation, and will provide a platform for people’s active presence in governance, which will lead into the improvement of governance quality

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“Jamnevisi” provides a platform which public – specially scholars and stakeholders – can participate in the process of providing the draft of country’s legal texts; a platform which significantly will result in the improvement and debugging of legal texts of the country.

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رسمیو(لیلاک سابق) موتور جستجوی اشخاص و شرکت‌ها است که بر مبنای آگهی‌های روزنامه رسمی کشور ایجاد شده است. رسمیو با تحلیل روزنامه رسمی کشور و ایجاد خروجی معنادار، دسترسی به اطلاعات شرکت‌های ایرانی را راحت کرده است.

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“Majlesnama” is the first Parliamentary monitoring organization in Islamic Republic of Iran which helps to promote transparency of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

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Know Your Rights Camp

A free campaign for youth funded by Colin @kaepernick7 to raise awareness on self-empowerment 💪🏿 and interacting with law enforcement 🚔

Black Census Project

Launched by Black Futures Lab in early 2018, the Black Census Project is the largest survey of Black people conducted in the United States since Reconstruction.

Black to the Future Public Policy Institute

The Black to the Future Public Policy Institute is a policy advocacy and leadership training fellowship that provides the tools needed to transform Black communities into constituencies that wield independent, Black political power at the municipal, state, and federal level.

rights x tech

Rights x Tech is a forum for technologists, policy makers and movement leaders to discuss emerging issues around human rights, products and power.

Color of Change

We design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.


Software for the annual homeless count

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Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

The Skoll Foundation presents the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship each year to a select group of social entrepreneurs whose innovations have already had significant, proven impact on some of the world’s most pressing problems, and invests directly in the promise of even greater impact at scale.

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Fake News Hong Kong

This website collects and verifies fake news reports.

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G0vhk.io Hackathon

The purpose is to solve social problems through technology and promote social progress in the form of projects. Taking open data as an example, through the Open Source Program or Crowd Sourcing, data in different fields are transparent, the problem of information circulation is solved, and the citizen's right to know is expanded.

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Chaos Computer Club

Europe's largest association of hackers.

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To strengthen the topic of freedom of information as a whole by transparently depicting the inquiry and response process.

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The Digital Bill

The Government clearly highlighted the modifications made to the text following this consultation, in order to facilitate the follow-up of proposals from different contributors.

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European Hub for Civic Engagement

The European Hub for Civic Engagement is envisioned as a platform where European civil society and its civic tech community connect.

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Civic Exchange EU

A platform for improving public services by showcasing and promoting the reuse of civic software.

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TICTeC Local

Exploring Civic Tech in Local Communities TICTeC Local is the annual conference from mySociety that focuses directly on the use of Civic Tech in communities and local government.

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It is the European Union’s global competition showcasing democratic innovation by Citizens for Citizens across the world.

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Harass Map

Based on the idea that if more people start taking action when sexual harassment happens in their presence, we can end this epidemic.

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Croatian media specializing in fact checking, that is, verifying the factual accuracy of claims in public space.

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Europe's best framework for developing and operating a business

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Colorado Digital Service

CDS hires top technologists from diverse backgrounds into term-limited tours of civic service, bringing their expertise to help improve the services that millions of Coloradans use.

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Si fuera presidente

Esta alianza entre SeamOS y Change.org permite que tus "Ideas cambien el poder". Todas las peticiones llegarán a los candidatos presidenciales y podrán adoptarlas dentro de sus planes de gobierno. Apoya las peticiones con tu firma y compártelas con tu red, entre más firmas consigamos más fuerza tendremos para cambiar el poder.

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It aims to be a complete and authoritative source for all audio recorded in the Court since the installation of a recording system in October 1955.

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City Bureau Civic Reporting Residency

A 10-week program for journalists of all levels to learn our community-centered reporting process while covering the South and West Sides

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Open Gov Report Card

Grades how Chicago and Cook County government agencies share important meeting information like agendas, minutes and schedules with the public

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Data Justice Conference 2020: Civic Participation in the Datafied Society

The conference will bring together international scholars, practitioners, activists, and community groups to discuss the possibilities and challenges of civic participation in a datafied society.

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Future Cities Community Solutions Portal

Browse resources, connect with other leaders and see practical examples of smart cities approaches that can help your community thrive.

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Directive on Automated Decision-Making

To compatible with core administrative law principles such as transparency, accountability, legality, and procedural fairness

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Technology and Social Change 2018

Many people become engineers or designers because they hope to change the world for the better using technology.

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