Autonomous or semi-autonomous chat agents that interact with people for the purpose of achieving a civic goal, like registering a vote or capturing citizen feedback.


tracked edits made to Wikipedia from U.S. Capitol computers

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Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples close an amicable agreement. The chatbot, Alex, provides instant andreal time support to users.

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Article One

Fireside specializes in creating the most innovative and easy-to-use tools to help Congressional offices connect with their constituents more efficiently.

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We use advance machine learning techniques to detect political propaganda bots on Twitter.


Chalmers can help you find things like: free meals, overnight shelter, clothing banks, emergency contacts and can point you to offline and online mental health services.

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DoNotPay bot

"DoNotPay is an iOS app that allows users to complete legal processes and generate documents, including filing cases worth to USD 25,000 in US small claims courts."


Using Chatbots to Answer Farmer Queries in India

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Chatbots for the next generation of digital organizing

Health Complaints Assist

Health Complaints Assist is a chatbot that helps users make a complaint about medical treatment they or someonethey know received.

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HelloVote is the chat bot that gets you everything you need to vote!

Holopolis bot

Holopolis bot allows always available participation. It packages vTaiwan as a contact you can add friend with and share your opinions on cases under discussion.

Law Padi

LawPadi started as an online legal advice system to provide information and resources to people in Nigeria. It nowprovides virtual assistance on legal issues through a chatbot.

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New/Mode is putting the powerful tools used by the world’s leading campaigns into more political campaigners’ pockets.

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NonProfit Chatbot

A mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.

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Quartz Bot Studio

The Quartz Bot Studio builds narrative experiences for messaging and voice platforms.

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Robota is a chatbot that guides workers to file a lawsuit against their current or former employers.

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Tinder bot used in UK elections

We used a computer program to talk to young people on the dating app about the U.K. election. The results were amazing.

Urbem bot

URBEM es una plataforma para digitalizar trámites y servicios de gobierno, y automatizar la atención ciudadana con Inteligencia Artificial.


Wagbot is a Facebook Messenger-based chatbot designed to answer questions from school children about sexualhealth and related issues.

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