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Civic tech (Polish: technologie obywatelskie) as a term has been popularised in Poland since 2013, thanks to the Code for Poland (Koduj dla Polski), a program led by ePaństwo Foundation and Personal Democracy Forum CEE conference. However one of the first communities focused on new technologies and their opportunities for the activists was NetTuesdays (NetWtorki) meetups in Warsaw with its start back in 2009.

In the meantime, more and more organizations and institutions started to organize various hackathons, promoting the usage of new technologies and open data to solve transportation, environmental or social challenges.

Another topic connected to civic tech is open data. Until 2019 only a few cities decided to launch open data portals, with a vague approach to updating the databases, as well as the quality or usability. What’s worth mentioning is the work of the Ministry of Digitisation’s Open Data team, which not only launched the open data portal, gathering data from over 120 institutions but keeps on promoting and sharing knowledge about it.

Also, The GovTech Polska program was launched in 2018 to tackle with tech challenges of public institutions.

Currently, among the challenging issues of civic tech in Poland is the promotion of open-source software for the cities (e.g. for the participatory budgeting) and environmental issues such as air quality.

Suggested resources


Inspired by the help that people give each other during hard times, we created an application that will allow anyone in need to find help in their daily duties.

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Tech Kontra Wirus

Code for Poland's platform for prioritizing amongst many Coronavirus response ideas

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Obywatelskie Fedrowanie Danych

“FOIA Data Mining” is a FOIA service that enables watchdog organizations to organize volunteers in retyping and structuring responses to FOIA requests.

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Tenders Guru

Tenders Guru is a website that allows to monitor public procurement processes in Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Spain.

Stowarzyszenie Demagog

Demagog Association is Poland's first factchecking organization. It's main aim is the improvement of the quality of the public debate through unbiased and reliable information.

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Otwarte Dane

Central repository of Polish open public data.

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ePaństwo Foundation

ePaństwo Foundation's aim is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities and civic engagement.

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New Urban Visions

New urban visions, the final event of the EU-funded DSI4EU project, will see the launch of our experimental index and ideas bank, a pioneering piece of work exploring how city ecosystems and governments can support and work with DSI, and of our new collection of positive visions for the future of DSI.

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Code for Poland’s project catalog

Zostań koordynatorem projektu lub dołącz do rozwijanych projektów jako członek interdyscyplinarnego zespołu. Przejdź przez proces tworzenia projektu od analizy wymagań po ogólnopolskie wdrożenie.

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Otwarty Gdańsk

Zapraszamy do korzystania z otwartych danych Miasta Gdańska. W serwisie publikujemy dane o miejskich finansach, rozkładach jazdy komunikacji miejskiej, demografii. Otwarte dane czekają na wykorzystanie przez Ciebie, Twoją organizację pozarządową lub firmę!

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Personal Democracy Forum CEE

Personal Democracy Forum CEE is a unique space where the enthusiasm for technology is supported with meaningful debates on its role in the contemporary world.

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Aleksandra KamińskaCurated by Aleksandra Kamińska

Aleksandra worked on international projects and communication in the ePanstwo Foundation (ePF), a Polish NGO which mission is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities and civic engagement through new technologies.

Since 2015 she was the part of the organising team of Personal Democracy Forum CEE – the biggest regional conference gathering people working for civic participation and transparency in public life using new technologies.

Also, she mapped European Digital Democracy projects and organisations for within the DSISCALE project.

Currently Aleksandra lives in Lisbon working in Associacão Mais Cidadania within the European Solidarity Corps.

You can find her on Twitter @alekaminska.

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