Add ListingAdd your project to the collection. We try to create pages at the project level. So if your organization makes three different things, we’ll make a page for each so people can find exactly what they’re looking for.

A screenshot of the "Claim now" and "Report now" action links on every Civic Tech Field Guide profile page If your project is already in the Guide, you can claim your page. This will add a verified checkmark and contact form on your profile, and give you access to an internal admin dashboard where you can see web traffic to the page.

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Curate a category. As you’ll see on the Guide homepage, we have hundreds of subcategories of civic tech. Are you an expert on participatory budgeting? Do you know all about the various SMS advocacy tools on the market? We’ll promote you as the curator of a section in exchange for you sharing new links when you see them. Just drop us a note at info @

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Subscribe to the civic tech calendars. We track major civic tech conferences and upcoming deadlines for funding and fellowship opportunities. You can subscribe to either or both. You can share opportunities with others emailing calendar invitations to info @

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