August and September upgrades on the Civic Tech Field Guide

We enjoyed a couple of weeks offline in August, but we also completed the following improvements to the site over the past two months:

First and foremost, we launched the Pathways Through the Portal report resource section. It covers fellowships, organizations, conferences, and tools that will help you use emerging technology for the public good. The full report website is coming very soon.

With the help of Ana Velásquez, we wrote category descriptions and improved the layouts for some of the remaining Social sections that didn’t have them yet:

We also added new categories for Remote government, Participatory memorials, Trade groups, Civic data APIs, and E-voting (more entries in these categories are in the process of being imported to the site).

And, lots more civic technologists added and claimed their projects in the Guide. We now feature 4,034 project listings in the Guide, with more on the way!

We also added a profile field for public Slack instances for projects in the Guide.

Technical updates:

    • Added the ability to compose rich media descriptions of categories and tag pages (for example, Campaigns)
    • Streamlined the fields on the ‘Submit project‘ page, improved its copy, and took care of a couple of bugs
    • Upgraded to PHP 7.4
    • Added schema to improve how listings appear in search engines with structured data