Find a Job or Hire Someone in Civic Tech

As a growing, but still nascent field, it can be difficult to find your first foothold in civic tech. Many groups rely on volunteers to build and maintain tools. Still, we all need to make a living, and there may be more jobs out there than you think. Many nonprofits and social justice organizations are hiring larger tech, data, and design teams. Depending on the country you’re based in, electoral and issue campaigns may be staffing up. And even large tech companies have civicly-focused teams. Peruse the many job boards, listservs, and databases here to begin or upgrade your career in civic tech.

Civic tech job boards

These online platforms will let you see current job listings, and often allow you to filter by location, seniority level, and other factors. We also include job listservs.


Find your fellowship in civic tech or a related field. We track nearly 40 paid and unpaid fellowships around the world. You can share any fellowships we’re missing here.

Volunteering your skills and time pro bono is another way to meet others in the field and establish the relationships and track record that will help you land a paying gig.

You can also watch Code for All’s presentation on fellowship programs and the shift to bring these programs online: