Find a Job or Hire Someone in Civic Tech

One of our main motivations for running the Civic Tech Field Guide is to help more people get started in this line of work. Our democracies face so many challenges. We need more people working more effectively to make progress. 

So it behooves us to grow beyond our niche beginnings by inviting more people into this field, and helping them find their way to making productive contributions. 

Volunteering and attending community events are great ways to get started, but in order to have a more lasting impact, it’s hard to beat doing this work for a living.

Job Boards

We’ve cataloged 50 civic tech job boards over the years, and we’ve just gone through and filtered out the less-active ones. Many of these job sites allow you to filter jobs by location, in-person vs. remote work, seniority level, and other features.

Here are a few of our favorite job boards from across sectors (and borders):

  • ReliefWeb: Over 3,500 global jobs, internships, consultancies, and volunteer opportunities in disaster response and humanitarian relief (many with a digital or tech role).

    Sample job: IT Program Manager, Digital Platforms at the International Rescue Committee

  • Public Interest Tech Job Board: Code for America’s job board, focused mostly on US roles.

    Sample job: Lead Service Designer for the City of Philadelphia

  • The Digital Rights Job Board features diverse opportunities from organizations, grassroots networks, companies and other types of entities from 130+ countries working at the intersection of technology, human rights, and social justice, all around the world.

    Sample job: Program Coordinator at Pollicy, a civic tech organization, in Mozambique

  • Nonprofit Technology Network: NTEN’s collection of full-time job and short-term opportunities at nonprofits and other organizations using technology for social change.

    Sample job: Nonprofit Technology Consultant at Benefactor Group

If you’re hiring, check out Idealist’s Resources for Attracting, Interviewing, and Onboarding Great Candidates.

Whether you’re a student at the beginning of your career, considering switching things up, or just looking for community, I hope this guide and all our civic tech job resources help you get the foothold you need.


Find your fellowship in civic tech or a related field. We track nearly 40 paid and unpaid fellowships around the world. You can share any fellowships we’re missing here.

Volunteering and pro bono

Volunteering your skills and time is another way to meet others in the field and establish the relationships and track record that will help you land a paying gig. You can also get in touch to volunteer with the Civic Tech Field Guide.

You can also watch Code for All’s presentation on fellowship programs and the shift to bring these programs online: