Pathways Through the Portal
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This section of the Civic Tech Field Guide is a living repository of the resources identified in Pathways Through the Portal, a report released September 22nd, 2020. Researchers Sasha Costanza-Chock, Diana Nucera, Berhan Taye Gameda, Matt Stempeck, and Micah Sifry interviewed 24 experts in the field, in addition to original research, to gather these resources.


As we embarked on this research, we decided to review existing efforts, develop lessons to share back, and mark signposts along possible paths forward. To that end, we conducted an extensive literature review, developed a database of 246 relevant resources (including projects, organizations, tools, conferences, fellowships, and people), and conducted in-depth interviews with 24 field leaders, including data scientists and technologists, artists and activists, researchers and policy advocates, and others deeply involved in the space. Here is that resource database. For privacy reasons, we have omitted the names of private individuals.