April’s updates and site improvements

We hope you’re doing OK, friends. Here’s what we did on the Civic Tech Field Guide in April:

  • Reached 3,800 project profiles in the collection
  • Added evolving Causes taxonomy to homepage table of contents and primary navigation
  • Launched COVID-19 community response page
  • New category, Predecessors, is a result of our timeline research, and is a place to catalog projects and organizations that were fundamental to the development of the field, historically.
  • New category, Fabrication, recognizes the work being done to produce Personal Protective Equipment where there are shortages.
  • New category, Newsletter tech, in the Media section, recognizes the growing importance of email newsletters.
  • New category, Meeting tech, to track tech that facilitates and improves outcomes from interpersonal meetings, whether face to face or remote.
  • Added Teen Messaging page to Coronavirus Community Response section.
  • Revamped the Get Funding page to help struggling organizations.
  • Upgraded to WordPress 5.4.
  • Optimized 5,807 images for faster page speeds, and set up future image uploads to auto-optimize.
  • Stripped EXIF data from images for speed and privacy enhancements.
  • Cleaned up Listing profile pages:
    • Added Tags, and reformatted All tags page.
    • Made taglines more legible, added spaces between categories, reduced fontsize of ‘Last edited’ data.
    • Hide acquisition amount if the field is empty.
  • We now show display your search queries by default on the search results page.
  • Added the latest curated country pages to the homepage.