January’s improvements and curatorial updates

book binding reading: January updates

Welcome to the new ’20s! We make regular technical and usability improvements to the Civic Tech Field Guide. These are always available on our site changelog.

You can also stay up to date on the 50 most recently added project listings at civictech.guide/new.

January’s site updates:

  • Fixed a pagination bug where proceeding past the first page of search results and category pages would reset the filter to display all listings.
  • Organized and cleaned up tags, and began making them discoverable.
  • Added categories for campaign event tools and official campaign apps.
  • Made the full hierarchy of categories visible on project cards, and restored the category list to listing profile pages.
  • Created a table of contents page for Advocacy tech and Media tech sections, with category descriptions and suggested readings.
  • Updated supporter logos in the footer to their negative versions to better match the dark background.
  • Rewrote submission page confirmation copy.