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Auditing civic AI

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been selected for Next Generation Internet Search, a European project to support “entrepreneurs, tech-geeks, developers, and socially engaged people” to challenge the way we search and discover information and resources on the internet. Our Portugal-based curator Matt Stempeck (hi) has teamed up with Eticas.ai, a Spanish company that’s productizing the ability […]


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about the Field Guide

Get inspiration from others. Civic Tech Field Guide is building an organized collection of prompts used successfully by nonprofits and social good organizations for AI tools.”

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The Civic Tech Field Guide is a catalogue of tools and resources covering the full breadth of ‘tech for the common good’.


“The Civic Tech Field Guide has become the most comprehensive collection of tech projects for the public interest and democracy, providing not only a directory of such projects but also a calendar of global conferences and events and access to regularly conducted research.

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"I would like to give heartfelt thanks to everyone that has contributed to this resource! I have long been looking for a comprehensive guide for civic tech and this Field Guide is sorely needed. I have the feeling I'm going to be referencing the guide frequently! THANK YOU TO ALL!"
Pamela Hamilton
Civic Tech Field Guide user
"Very useful resource that is helping us here at UNESCO to understand the world of civic tech as we seek new ideas and ways to utilize technology to empower young people around the world"
Adam Sharpe
"Matt has been a pioneer and tireless field builder in the civic tech space for many, many years. He's also been really generous with all he's learned - his work and counsel has made me a better agent of change and I'm grateful for it."
Will Byrne
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pluro Labs

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