The Civic Tech Field Guide is a global resource. We prioritize learning about and sharing projects from all over the world so we can all find inspiration and learn from others. We’re especially interested in promoting civic tech projects run by people in less democratic and/or less wealthy contexts.

This scope wouldn’t be possible without our expert curators, who add their perspectives and finds to the collection.

If you’d like to apply to become a curator of a certain topic or country, please contact us.

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With thanks to our Global Curators:

Drones for good: Fatima Sarah Khalid
Get social benefits: Greg Bloom
Civic data: Deblina Mukherjee
Connectivity: Georgia Bullen
Promise trackers: Farhad Souzanchi

Colombia: Juliana Uribe Villegas
Iran: Feiredoon Bashar and ASL19
Chile: Auska Ovando
Poland: Aleksandra Kamihska
Paris and France: Clémence Pène
Australia: The Code for Australia team
South Africa: Melissa Zisengwe and Lailah Ryklief
Tunisia: Wafa Ben-Hassine
United Kingdom: Gemma Humphrys and the mySociety team
México: Alma Rangel and the Codeando México team
Washington, DC: Meag Doherty
Thailand: Opendream