The Civic Tech Timeline

1994 – 2018

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Project by Matt Stempeck, Micah Sifry, Sruti Modekurty, and Aliya Bhatia

Presented at The Impacts of Civic Tech Conference 2019 in Paris.

The streamgraph shows the evolution of the field of civic tech from 1994-2019, based on the start-dates of nearly 2000 individual projects collected in the Field Guide as of March 1, 2019. The projects are sorted by the Guide’s 200+ categories, which you can see by mousing over any part of the streamgraph. Categories are sorted alphabetically from A to Z, starting at the bottom of the graph and moving upwards. The wider any color in the graph, the greater the number of projects that started in that category in the year below it. The decline observed in 2017 and 2018 is based on the rate of new projects started. If our data is accurate, this shows a slowing growth rate, rather than actual contraction.

You can read the companion piece to this timeline. If you have further questions or would like access to this data, please get in touch.