Promise trackers


Promise trackers leverage tech to enunciate political promises (often made during the campaign period) and then audit the degree to which the politician or party has or hasn't fulfilled these promises while governing.

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Farhad SouzanchiCurated by Farhad Souzanchi

Farhad Souzanchi is the Director of Research and Media at ASL19, a Toronto-based multidisciplinary research and technology group that helps Iranians assert their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and access to information. Farhad leads the ASL19’s pioneering government accountability platforms, including Rouhani Meter, a Promise Tracker, monitoring President Rouhani’s performance and Factnameh, Iran's first political fact-checking initiative. Before joining ASL19 in 2013, he spent eight years working as a journalist in Iran. In the past few years, his main focus has been on introducing fact-checking and data journalism to larger Iranian audiences.

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