A collection of resources, methods, tools, and materials to facilitate participatory co-design practices and to help projects find the direction they need. Co-creation and open design techniques allow others to make creative contributions in the solution of a specific problem.

Build With

Build With is a training, facilitation, and consulting practice led by Laurenellen McCann.

cat-icon Washington, DC, USA

Center for New Democratic Processes (formerly Jefferson Center)

The Jefferson Center is a nonpartisan organization committed to advancing democratic, citizen-driven solutions to community and public issues.

cat-icon 332 Minnesota St, Saint Paul, MN 55101, USA

La 27e Région

New innovation methods for designing public policy involving all public stakeholders

cat-icon Les Halles Civiques Belleville, Rue Piat, Paris, France


LABIC are a series of labs aimed at fostering civic innovation in Ibero-America, in order to boost social transformation, democratic governance, and social, cultural and economic development.

cat-icon South America

MIT Civic Media: Co-Design Studio

The Civic Media Codesign Studio was a service-learning, project-based studio course where students partner with community-based organizations to create civic media projects grounded in real-world needs.