Civic Tech in Iran

پروژه ها (Projects)

Curated by ASL19.

ASL19, Farsi for Article 19, is a technology group working towards practical responses for online access to information challenges. Our work helps citizens assert their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and access to information.

Originally founded in 2012 to help Iranians bypass Internet censorship, ASL19’s work includes various projects in collaboration with diaspora groups and technology actors. Beyond working with circumvention tool developers to understand the local context and develop customized solutions, we create platforms and apps that deliver previously diffuse or complex information in accessible and attractive formats.

As an independent group connected to both Iranians and technology actors in the West, ASL19 is a trusted bridge actor for online projects in support of civil society goals. In 2015, we also started working with the broader Middle East and North Africa region, beginning with a pilot project on user support for circumvention tools. Mada19, Arabic for Article 19, is building on ASL19’s experience and carrying through with its mission in the Arabic-speaking world.

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