The case for Civic Technology in Colombia is rooted in its history: A mixture of government, private and civil society initiatives, surfacing one after the other through a series of social and political events that shook up the country over the course of decades.

Colombia’s new constitution was created in the '90s following continuous civil unrest over the years due to governmental corruption. This process increased the existing autonomy of local and territorial entities and encouraged the creation of several participatory democratic mechanisms and channels coming from the public sector.

Those new channels and mechanisms proved out to be a necessary but insufficient step into tackling this problem, for citizens still felt the need to engage in a more profound way in the political sphere.

So civic engagement initiatives started to surface, incentivized by the widespread corruption, historical mistrust of institutions, and the nationwide efforts that were started 7 years ago to end the decades-long armed conflict with the FARC guerillas.

Now with the advent of international events helping to make the Civic Tech scene in Colombia visible, such as Build Peace 2017 and the recurring Festival of Innovation and Social Technology (FITS), the ecosystem has been slowly consolidating and initiatives have been gathering support. Actors such as ALTEC(Latin American Alliance for Civic Technology), funded by Luminate (the world ́s largest impact investing organization) have been helping not only to support and generate conditions for strengthening the sector, but also to systematize the regional experience.

Colombia currently ranks among the top 20 countries in the Global Open Data Index thanks to efforts coming from the government, private and civil society, aiming at strengthening open data sources and good practices.

Main argument adapted from Explora Latam and LatInno.


Marea Digital

Citizen engagement, Civic Tecn, Open Data, and Data Visualization in The City of Buenaventura

mapMarkerGrey Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca,...


A través de SeamOS, podremos sentar un voto de opinión sobre las propuestas que se presentan en el Concejo de Bogota.

mapMarkerGrey Colombia...


Open Data for indicators and information regarding Colombian land and territory.

mapMarkerGrey Colombia...


Digital tool that helps Colombian citizens know where, how and what to do regarding their everyday legal paperwork

mapMarkerGrey Colombia...

Gana Nariño

Open Government initiative by the Nariño department in Colombia, combining approaches in collaborative economy and social innovation.

mapMarkerGrey Narino, Colombia...


Political organization focused on generating healthy physical and digital spaces for co-creation and incidence in the political landscape.

mapMarkerGrey Bogota, Colombia...

Development Seed Vulnerable Housing pilot

Development Seed is supporting the World Bank to identify dangerous housing in Colombia through the use of artificial intelligence.

mapMarkerGrey Colombia...

Datos Abiertos Colombia

Is the biggest public repository of Open Data in Colombia, created by the IT Ministry with the goal of fostering collaboration and the development of new applications and visualizations.

mapMarkerGrey Colombia...


With Datasketch Apps you can create data visualizations in seconds and empower users to analyze data faster with access to open information repositories curated by journalists and researchers.

mapMarkerGrey BOGOTÁ D.C., Bogota, Cundinam...

Colombia Check

Digital, open and colaborative platform in which news and articles are fact-checked and published regularly for maintaining healthy debates and conversations in Colombia.

mapMarkerGrey Colombia...

Centro de Relevo

Inclusion for allowing citizens with hearing impairment to interact with public services and institutions.

mapMarkerGrey Cra. 8a, Bogotá, Colombia...


Digital security training and resources in Colombia

mapMarkerGrey Colnodo, Diagonal 40a, Bogota,...

Fundación Karisma

Organización de la sociedad civil que trabaja en la promoción de los derechos humanos en el mundo digital

mapMarkerGrey Transversal 22a #59-44, Bogot...

Cuentas Claras en Elecciones

A page that allows candidates and parties to present election campaign finance information.

mapMarkerGrey Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia...

Mi Medellín

Ahora los ciudadanos de Medellín tenemos un espacio para compartir ideas y asumir retos frente a temas de ciudad: #MiMedellín

mapMarkerGrey Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia...


Organization working on strenghtening citizen participation by using technology for offering quality information on public administration. Somos una herramienta de información que busca que los ciudadanos tengan una visión clara y completa de la gestión de los funcionarios públicos en Colombia.

mapMarkerGrey Cra. 20 #45A-33, Bogotá, Bogo...


Somos un laboratorio de participación ciudadana e innovación social en Colombia incubado por Purpose. Citizen participation and social innovation lab for Colombia and Latin America.

mapMarkerGrey Bogota, Colombia...

Climate Modeling in Colombia

In a cross-sector partnership led by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture, The Clima y Sector Agropecuario Colombiano (Colombian Climate and Agricultural Sector; CSAC) provides meteorological data to farmers along with data on the economics and agronomy of rice cultivation.

mapMarkerGrey Ministerio de Agricultura y De...

Burocratas YouTube channel

Somos una herramienta de información que busca que los ciudadanos tengan una visión clara y completa de la gestión de los funcionarios públicos en Colombia.

mapMarkerGrey Bogota, Colombia...

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Curated by Juliana Uribe Villegas.

Juliana lives at the intersection of social innovation, international relations and digital strategy as Founder and Executive Director of Movilizatorio. She is passionate about the opportunity new technologies can offer modern society, and about transferring innovations with high social impact to Latin America.

Movilizatorio, the citizen engagement and social innovation Lab she leads, is a space for experimentation, creation and implementation of initiatives on citizen empowerment, leadership and collective work. At Movilizatorio, Juliana and her team combine strategy, creativity, and technology to solve social problems.

One of the platforms Movilizatorio launched, El Avispero, allows citizens to create campaigns, and map peacebuilding initiatives in Colombia, reaching more than 68,000 members in the first year. El Avispero won the Turner Prize on Social Transformation, awarded by the Peace Nobel Prize Laureates Secretariat.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Juliana developed extensive experience in government and consulting in developing countries. She served as Senior Strategist at Purpose, Vice President of FTI Consulting, International Relations Director for the City of Bogota and Marketing Director at ProColombia.

Noted for her work as social entrepreneur, Juliana was named one of the 20 Most Inspiring Women in Colombia by Semana, one of Colombia’s most distinguished and influential political magazines.

Juliana received her Master´s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes and a Cum Laude Master in International Business from the University of Barcelona.

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