Tecnica Civica en Chile


El Soberano

El Soberano aparece entonces como una plataforma informativa que surge desde las organizaciones de la sociedad civil y de los movimientos sociales a efectos de informar directamente a los ciudadanos, sin censuras editoriales, sin aceptar presiones de ningún tipo.

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Integrity Watch Chile

User-friendly interactive databse that provides an ovierview of lobbying activities in the UK.

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Auska Ovando is Ciudadanía Inteligente’s Digital Democracy Coordinator. She is a journalist and former Chevening and Becas Chile fellow. Auska holds an MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Democracy & Comparative Politics from University College London. She works with a multidisciplinary team that researches and devises civic technology projects that confront the newest challenges to Latin American democracies.

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