Access public benefits

Systems that assist individuals in identifying government or community provided benefits and services.

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Code for Australia Legal Aid Checker

Legal Aid Checker is an online triaging system, he

mapMarkerGrey Victoria, Australia...


Bringing a new approach to urban health, one block

mapMarkerGrey 55 Washington Street, Unit 552...


Chalmers can help you find things like: free meals

mapMarkerGrey Toronto, Ontario, Canada...

Unite Us

Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company


RyeCatcher is online collaboration software that m

mapMarkerGrey 420 Central Park West, New Yor...


Alia is an online platform to help house cleaners

mapMarkerGrey National Domestic Workers Alli...


WE help healthcare organizations find community se


C-App provides guidance, support, and advice for m

mapMarkerGrey United Kingdom...


A web and mobile platform serving high-risk indivi

mapMarkerGrey Kampala, Uganda...

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is the free, 24/7, confidential t

mapMarkerGrey, West 21st Str...

NYC Benefits Screening API

Create modern web applications that evaluate house

mapMarkerGrey New York City, NY, USA...


Find help in NYC with food, money, housing, work a

mapMarkerGrey New York City, NY, USA...


Haqdarshak enables citizens to access government w

mapMarkerGrey India...


The platform makes it easy for social workers and

mapMarkerGrey Germany...


a user-friendly platform that centralizes data abo

mapMarkerGrey France...

Service Net

Benetech Service Net is an open standards data exc

mapMarkerGrey San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US...


NowPow connects people to high quality community r

The Impact Lab

We're launching the analytics platform for smarter


Panacea allows you to check your food stamps and c

Propel, maker of FreshEBT

We build software for low-income Americans who are

mapMarkerGrey Brooklyn, NY, USA...


Assisting low- and moderate-income individuals and

Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy helps people who are homeless or at risk

mapMarkerGrey 33 Elizabeth Street, Richmond ...


iCarol non-profit and charity help line software f


Health Leads believes that a different kind of hea


Healthify is the leading software solution for add

Aunt Bertha

Find social services that serve your area, anywher


See if you qualify for support with food, cash & m

Greg BloomCurated by Greg Bloom

Greg Bloom (@greggish) is the founder of Open Referral, a civic technology initiative that is promoting a shift towards open sharing of resource directory data (i.e. information about who does what for whom, across all fields of health, human, and social services). Greg is a cooperative developer and community organizer, with more than a decade of experience in GOTV, class-action labor lawsuits, municipal budget battles, death penalty abolition campaigns, community wireless networks, and even a backyard chicken legalization movement. His writing has been published in In These Times, Civic Quarterly, Personal Democracy Forum, and Code for America’s Beyond Transparency.

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