Solutions journalism

Tools and platforms that connect readers of journalism to constructive action they can take based on the story.

City Bureau

City Bureau is a nonprofit civic journalism lab ba

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

News for the global citizen covering stories from


Hope is the assistant for the resistance. It’s t

How to Help

Connecting you with ways to do something about the


O Impacto.Jor é uma iniciativa para medir o impac


Digital space that encourages citizen conversation

cat-icon Bogota, Colombia

Pop-up Newsroom

Virtual temporary newsroom for student and citizen

Positive News Network

PNN - Positive News Network...It's all good! Posit

Public Good

Public Good is online fundraising that helps organ

Speakable / Action Button

Action Button lets you instantly #TakeAction on ne

TED action platform

the Knight Foundation gave the TED conference a $9

cat-icon TED Conferences, Hudson Street, New York, NY, USA

The Coral Project

The Coral Project is an open source project helpin

The Good News Podcast

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Stories that connect us and sometimes even change