Neighborhood forums

Digital venues that promote conversation within geographically-defined communities.


Backfence was a place for community news and info written by you and your neighbors


EveryBlock has partnered with Nextdoor to give EveryBlock members a better neighborhood experience.

Front Porch Forum

Front Porch Forum is a free community-building service in Vermont.

Local Circles

LocalCircles takes Social Media to the next level and makes it about communities, governance and urban daily life.It enables citizens to come together in communities or groups to raise issues, find trusted information, participate in policy and engage in constructive collective action.


Choisissez vos commerces et construisez un quartier à votre image!


This was an online platform that community groups can use to develop online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing and information-sharing.


Nextdoor is the free private social network for your neighborhood community.


Rejoignez votre réseau de voisinage pour collaborer, partager, recycler, covoiturer, acheter groupé, animer sa vie de quartier et réaliser des économies avec vos voisins !

Streetlife Nextdoor

In what is being billed as a "multi-million pound" acquisition, San Francisco-headquartered Nextdoor is purchasing the "assets" of U.K. local social network Streetlife.

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