Fight disinformation

Disinformation campaigns by states, economic opportunists, and the misinformed themselves threaten to erode the common understandings, shared identities, and empirical bedrock that underlies our collective decisionmaking. While disinformation campaigns have used mass media to spread for many years, social media platforms have proven an exceptionally hospitable environment for the proliferation of falsehoods. Those looking to limit disinformation’s effect on society and bolster truth in media have likewise turned to technology to help keep up with the volume and precision of constantly evolving disinformation campaigns.


4Facts is a tool that allows you to easily evaluate the credibility of your posts by commenting and flagging problems encountered in various articles. Check the facts, compete with the pros, and raise your media literacy!

Alt News

committed to fact-checking in a fair, transparent and non-partisan manner.

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AP debunks election misinformation on Facebook

As part of its comprehensive fact-checking efforts, The Associated Press announced that it will work with Facebook to identify and debunk false and misleading stories related to the U.S. midterm election that are circulating on the platform.

Aunt Meiyu

A Taiwanese developer Carol created a chatbot called Aunt Meiyu on popular messaging app LINE. Aunt Meiyu is designed to combat disinformation circulated in private chat group, especially family chat groups

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Bad News

From fake news to chaos! How bad are you? Get as many followers as you can.

Boom Live

It is an independent digital journalism initiative with a mission to fight misinformation and make the internet safer.

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Boston’s Smart Streets page

City page covers which tracking technologies are in place, why, and what they mean for privacy

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BS Detector

A browser extension that alerts users to unreliable news sources.

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Center for Countering Digital Hate

The Center for Countering Digital Hate's primary goal is to disrupt alliances between hate actors and political actors in digital spaces.


a platform for collaboratively verifying news in real time

Check My Ads

Take back control of your ads. Keep your brand away from fake news, disinformation, and hate speech. Get an ad check.


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Choose Your Own Fake News game

This game was made with love in Twine. Crafted by Pollicy, supported by the Mozilla Foundation.


Fight Misinformation in Thailand with Chatbot Fact-Checking

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Cofacts is a collaborative system connecting instant messages and fact-check reports or different opinions together.

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Colombia Check

Digital, open and colaborative platform in which news and articles are fact-checked and published regularly for maintaining healthy debates and conversations in Colombia.

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