Civic hacking meetups


BetaNYC is an official Code for America Brigade in

cat-icon New York, NY

Jsme komunita špičkových vývojářů, designé

cat-icon Radlická 180/50, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha, Czechia

Citizen Beta

As technology develops, governments are transforme

cat-icon London

Civic Tech Ottawa

Ottawa Civic Tech (YOWCT) is a community of citize

Civic Tech YYC

CivicTechYYC is a community based group that is pa

cat-icon Calgary, AB, Canada

CivicTech Sweden

Hackathons for Sweden’s Civic Tech community

cat-icon Stockholm, Sweden


CivicWomen is a collaboration of technologists, en

Code for Anchorage

We're a brigade of Code for America, which means t

cat-icon Anchorage, AK

Code for Asheville

We are people who care about our community and wan

cat-icon Asheville, NC, USA

Code for Atlanta

We're a bunch of civic-minded technologists, desig

cat-icon Atlanta, GA, USA

Code for Australia

Building a 21st century government, together

cat-icon Neighbourhood - 4 Brunswick Pl, 4 Brunswick Place, Fitzroy VIC, Australia

Code for BCS

Code for BCS is a Code for America Brigade (local

cat-icon College Station-Bryan, TX, TX, USA

Code for Bloomington

Code for Bloomington is an official Code for Ameri

cat-icon Bloomington, IN

Code for Boise

Open Boise is an inclusive coalition of civic-mind

cat-icon Boise, ID, USA

Code for Boise

Open Boise is an inclusive coalition of civic-mind

cat-icon Boise, ID

Code for Boston

Code for Boston addresses local social and civic c

cat-icon Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Code for BTV

You can think of Code for BTV as a pro-bono digita

cat-icon Burlington, VT

Code for Buffalo

As a Code for America Brigade, we're part of a nat

cat-icon Buffalo, NY

Code for Canada

We help governments and communities in Canada harn

cat-icon 207-192 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2, Canada

Code for Cary

Making our community a better place to live, work,

cat-icon Cary, NC, USA

Code for Chapel Hill

Bridging the gap between local government and huma

cat-icon Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Code for Charlotte

Think volunteer fire brigade for the 21st Century.

cat-icon Charlotte, NC, USA

Code for Dayton

Making our community a better place to live, work,

cat-icon Dayton, Ohio, USA

Code for DC

Founded in 2012, Code for DC is a non-partisan, no

cat-icon Washington, DC

Code for Denver

We build software to help nonprofits and local gov

cat-icon Denver, CO

Code for Durham

Making our community a better place to live, work,

cat-icon Durham, NC, USA

Code for Fort Collins

Code for Fort Collins is a volunteer organization

cat-icon Fort Collins, CO

Code for Fort Lauderdale

Come join idea-makers, designers, citizen leaders,

cat-icon Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Code for Fresno

A group of coders, designers, government reps, and

cat-icon Fresno, California, USA

Code for Germany

The goal of the program is to promote developments

Code for Greensboro

Leveraging open civic data and technology to impro

cat-icon Greensboro, NC, USA

Code for Hackensack

We are futurists. We are founders. We are friends.

cat-icon Hackensack, NJ

Code for Hampton Roads

Public access and participation in the digital age

cat-icon Hampton Roads, Virginia

Code for Hawaii

Code for Hawaii is a Code for America Brigade. We

cat-icon Honolulu, HI, USA

Code for Iowa

Iowa is known around the country for its abundance

cat-icon Iowa City, IA

Code for Jersey City

Code for Jersey City is a nonpartisan, civic-tech,

cat-icon Jersey City, NJ

Code for Kenya

Code for Kenya uses data to give citizens hyper-lo

Code for Milwaukee

Code for Milwaukee is looking for volunteers with

cat-icon Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Code for Muskogee

We're the Muskogee chapter of Code for America. Co

cat-icon Muskogee, OK, USA

Code for Nashville

Code for Nashville is Nashville's Code for America

cat-icon Nashville, TN, USA

Code for New Mexico

Code For New Mexico is not-for-profit, volunteer-d

cat-icon Albuquerque, NM

Code for New Orleans

Join us in creating awareness of what our city pro

cat-icon New Orleans, LA

Code for Newark

We are Code for Newark, the local Newark brigade o

cat-icon Newark, NJ

Code for NL

The Code for NL Foundation is the Dutch network of

cat-icon The Netherlands

Code for OKC

Code for OKC is an all volunteer group and we’d

cat-icon Kansas City, MO

Code for Orlando

Code for Orlando is a community searching for tech

cat-icon Orlando, Florida, USA

Code for PDX

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportu

cat-icon Portland, OR, USA

Code for Philly

Helping makers and doers work together to upgrade

cat-icon Philadelphia, PA, USA

Code for Phoenix

The Phoenix Brigade focuses on civic hacking, muni

cat-icon Phoenix, AZ, USA

Code for Sacramento

We connect civic technologists with project leader

cat-icon Sacramento, California, USA

Code for San Francisco

As part of the Code for America Brigade Network, w

cat-icon San Francisco, California, USA

Code for San Jose

Where makers, designers, developers, and subject m

cat-icon San Jose, California, USA

Code for Sonoma County

Code for Sonoma County is a Code for America briga

cat-icon Santa Rosa, California, USA

Code for Tallahassee

We would like to invite you to the new Code For Ta

cat-icon Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Code for Tampa Bay

Code for Tampa Bay is an official Code for America

cat-icon Tampa, Florida, USA

Code for Tucson

Code for Tucson is the Tucson chapter of the Code

cat-icon Tucson, AZ, USA

Code for Tulsa

An official brigade of Code for America

cat-icon Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Code Island

We are the official Code for America brigade in Rh

cat-icon Providence, RI, USA

Crypto Harlem

Free public workshops on privacy, anti-surveillanc

cat-icon Harlem, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

ePaństwo Foundation

ePaństwo Foundation's aim is to develop democracy

cat-icon Fundacja ePaństwo, Warsaw, Poland

Hack for LA

Can you design, write, or code? Are you an activis

cat-icon Los Angeles, CA