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There are now over seven million digital platform workers that live all over the world, doing work that is outsourced via platforms or apps. Lacking the ability to collectively bargain, platform workers have little ability to negotiate wages and working conditions with their employers.

The Fairwork Foundation is a project that is working to set and measure standards in the platform economy. We collaborate with workers, trade unions, platforms, and policy makers to develop core principles of fair work. We then undertake research to evaluate whether platforms meet those standards.

We seek to closely work with platforms that have an interest in certification. And through social dialogue and shared expertise, we aim to significantly contribute to the welfare and job quality of platform workers and bring a fairer world of platform work into being.


Fairwork’s gig platform scoring system measures performance per market across five standards — which are neatly condensed as: Fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation.

Platforms are scored on each performance measure with a basic point and an advanced point, culminating in an overall score. (There’s more on the scoring methodology here.)

Flipkart ranked highly for ‘fairness’ of working conditions in India gig platform study

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