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Comment on Setup by Top 75 Projects for Raspberry pi – Enthusiast – TECHIEBOUNCER

[…] BeeMonitor – Honey beehive monitoring project. […]

Comment on Setup by Awesome Raspberry Pi – XE1E RADIO

[…] BeeMonitor – Honey beehive monitoring project. […]

Comment on Archive Event Log by MFJakus

How did you placed DHT11 into hive? Did you cover it against vax/propolis somehow? Thanks

The aim of the experiment is to monitor the temperature inside the cluster of a honey bee colony and to compare this with other temperatures outside the cluster,inside the hive and outside the hive.

We are a group of beekeepers based in Snowdonia, North Wales.

The system has been running since December 2010 in that time we have had a fascinating insight into the complexities of temperature profile inside a honey bee colony throughout the year. This data is available online and can be navigated through using the interactive live graph on the ‘live data’ page.

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