Walking tours


Take people on real-world treasure hunts and guided walks

cat-icon Schillerpromenade 31, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Copenhagen Internet Infrastructure Walk

This walking tour was designed by Aslak Ransby, Ingrid Burrington and Janet Gunter for the Internet Infrastructure Summit at Techfestival.

Ingrid Burrington’s Networks and Surveillance walking tours of New York

A new “field guide” by Ingrid Burrington makes visible the infrastructure of surveillance in New York, and explains the money and politics behind it.

Speculative Tourism

Speculative Tourism is an international project that operates at the crossroads of science fiction, historical tourism, Augmented Reality and local action.

The Urbanist

The Urbanist serves to examine and influence urban policies by promoting and disseminating ideas, creating community, and improving the places we live.

cat-icon Seattle, Washington, USA