Civic and social impact companies

Private sector companies and consultancies designing, building, and evaluating civic tech

Ad hoc

Better government software. Services that work, for people.

Build With

Build With is a training, facilitation, and consulting practice led by Laurenellen McCann.

cat-icon Washington, DC, USA

Citizen Engagement Lab

We provide the expertise and infrastructure to turn ideas into real world change.


CityBase is a gov tech platform that connects cities and citizens to make government more accessible and efficient.

cat-icon 30 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602, USA


CivicActions | We help agencies and organizations successfully execute large-scale software projects using open standards technologies and Agile development methodologies.


This is the homepage for Civilla, a center for social innovation and design thinking in Detroit. We help nonprofit and civic leaders innovate through the discipline of human-centered design.

Democracy Works

Democracy Works is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the idea that voting should fit the way we live.

Design Action Collective

Design Action provides graphic design and visual communications for progressive, non-profit, and social change organizations. By providing high-quality professional graphic design and web development services, we aim to help build and strengthen progressive movements fighting for economic and social justice.


When the path to social impact is unclear…we help you measure it

cat-icon Seattle, WA, USA

Echo & Co

At Echo&Co, we don’t just sprinkle digital technology on top of social missions. As a digital practice, we pay attention to users and learn how they want to engage. Armed with that knowledge, we help our clients create user experiences that strengthen organizations, spur citizen engagement, improve communities, and make governments more effective.


Dashboards and experiences built using Tableau. Deployable anywhere.

Engaged Public

Engaged Public partners with citizens, civic leaders, and public and private stakeholders to tackle complex public challenges


Enigma is an operational data management and intelligence company. We place data into the context of the real world and make it connected, open, and actionable.

Ethos Labs

Good government in the 21st century means good technology. But often it seems too hard for new startups to get into the business of government, even though innovative public servants and entrepreneurs want to work together. That's where EthosLabs comes in.

Foundation for Inclusion

The Foundation for Inclusion is the world's only organization focused exclusively and relentlessly on the end game in social impact: what it will take to achieve ultimate success against the world's most stubborn challenges. We collaborate with changemakers in all sectors to solve large-scale social problems. Join us!


Over the past ten years, we’ve helped more than a hundred local and national authorities across four continents think differently about public services


IDEO is a global design company. We create positive impact through design.


Secure and private email service with collaboration suite.

cat-icon Contactoffice Group sa/nv, Rue Middelbourg, Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium


Somos un laboratorio de participación ciudadana e innovación social en Colombia incubado por Purpose. Citizen participation and social innovation lab for Colombia and Latin America.

cat-icon Bogota, Colombia


Nava is a public benefit corporation creating software to improve how our government serves people.


Publish, Manage, Combine, Analyze, Visualize, and Share your data. In one place.

cat-icon Paris, France


Connect, communicate and collaborate to leverage community strengths and advance your mission.

cat-icon 671 Edison Street, Detroit, MI, USA

Public Agenda

Public Agenda is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that helps build a democracy that works for everyone and fuels progress on critical issues.

cat-icon 20 Jay Street, Suite 203 Brooklyn, NY 11201USA


Reboot is a social impact firm dedicated to inclusive development and accountable governance.


SeamlessGov empowers governments to go paperless and deliver better online services to citizens and staff through an innovative suite of tools including an intuitive online form builder.


We're a global technology consultancy. We help you invent what's next, and bring it to life with technology. In weeks, not years.