Civic maps

Civic maps collect and display data geographically to coordinate action, plot resources, or make an argument for change.


AccessMap is an AI-powered online travel planner built on top of OpenSidewalks, which logs the physical features of sidewalk infrastructure, to help people with disabilities plan and navigate any trip

cat-icon Seattle, WA, USA


Our platform provides its users with the exact geo location and date of the next dengue outbreak, 3 months in advance - quickly and intuitively.

cat-icon Moffett Field, Clark Road, Mountain View, California, USA

Bomb blast

Experience the power of a nuclear blast in your area


Bonayo is free user-supported software that helps San Francisco citizens see every 311 call in the City.

cat-icon San Francisco, California, USA

Caminos de la Villa

Caminos de la Villa es una plataforma de acción ciudadana que permite acceder de manera sencilla a la información vinculada con los procesos de urbanización en las villas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y ver de qué manera se están llevando adelante. ¡Sumate!

cat-icon Thames 1024, DCV, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago.

cat-icon Chicago, Illinois, USA

City Innovation map

Explore how cities around the world are applying innovation methods to tackle their tough challenges

Digital Attack Map

Digital Attack Map visualizes the most powerful DDoS attacks happening in the world right now

cat-icon New York City

Displacement Alert Project Map

The Displacement Alert Map is a rich resource of more than a decade of key data on residential displacement in New York City.

cat-icon 50 Broad Street, New York, NY, USA

Enforcement Proceedings Map

The interactive map of over-indebtedness in the Czech Republic based on real data from Central register of enforcement proceedings (financial executions)

cat-icon Czech Republic


Supporting the transformation of cities towards a more sustainable mobility through data analysis and digital communication.

cat-icon Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6, 12101, Berlin, Germany

Harta clientelismului politic

The map shows the transfers from the Government to the municipalities and county councils from the Reserve Fund (15%), Local Development National Program (65%) and other programs managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration that sum up to 7.5 billion lei

Harvard’s Malaria Tracking Research

Researchers used satellite and cell phone data to map how malaria spreads throughout Namibia and show where elimination efforts have the greatest impact.

cat-icon Namibia

HousingMaps was the very first Google Maps mashup, created before there was a Google Maps API. It overlaid Craigslist apartment and housing listings on a map, for some 30 US cities plus London.


Deze tool brengt alle onderwijs- en onderzoeksprojecten van de HvA in kaart en is een startpunt voor onderlinge samenwerking. Kijk, ontdek, deel en doe mee met HvA in de Stad!

cat-icon Amsterdam, Netherlands
cat-icon Monash University, Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC, Australia

K-Monitor mobile app

Örömmel tudatjuk, hogy – a K-Monitor webes felületének közelgő megújulásával szinkronban – a mai naptól elérhető a K-Monitor új okostelefonos alkalmazása. Az app segítségével a felhasználók térképen kereshetnek rá az utóbbi évek legfontosabb, konkrét helyszínhez (pl. épülethez, utcához, hivatalhoz,…


Povezave med lobisti, lobiranci, podjetji in državnimi institucijami v omrežjih vpliva.

LAND: Land Access for Neighborhood Development

The Land Access for Neighborhood Development (LAND) mapping tool visualizes the distribution of local institutional and government-owned vacant and underused properties.

Mapping LA

This re­gion­al view is your portal to in­di­vidu­al maps and stat­ist­ics for 158 cit­ies and un­in­cor­por­ated places and 114 neigh­bor­hoods with­in the city of Los Angeles.

cat-icon Los Angeles, California

Million Dollar Blocks

Illinois allocates an incredible amount of money to incarcerate people from Chicago's poorest neighborhoods — sometimes millions for residents on individual city blocks. There are more effective ways to invest public dollars.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

NY Times Election 2016 map of US

An interactive map lets readers explore the 2016 election in new detail.

Urban Archive

Urban Archive is a technology nonprofit that creates new connections between people, places, and historical institutions.

cat-icon 155 Rivington Street, New York, NY, USA

Urban Forest Map

A collaboration of government, nonprofits, and you to map all the trees of San Francisco's urban forest and understand the ecosystem services they provide.

cat-icon San Francisco, CA, USA

Vision Zero NYC map

A map visualizing traffic in the city with incidents

cat-icon New York City Department of Transportation, Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, NY, USA

Vision Zero Portland map

This story map was created with the Story Map Series application in ArcGIS Online.

cat-icon Portland, OR, USA