Mapping platforms

The underlying infrastructure that creates, draws, and hosts the maps, such as OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, that you can use.

Accela Civic Insight

See how cloud-based and on-premise civic engagement software creates a dynamic ecosystem between government agencies, citizens, developers and partners.


CARTO Turns Your Location Data Into Business Outcomes.


Collab is a prototype built by Sidewalk Labs and Digital Public Square to help break through barriers and help people participate from anywhere, at anytime


Co-constructing territories by mobilizing citizen intelligence

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Cities and towns of all sizes are struggling to ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency along the curb. Coord makes it easy to collect, manage, and share curb data.


Esri's GIS mapping software is the most powerful mapping and spatial data analytics technology available. Unlock the full potential of your data and improve operational & business results with our location platform.


Field Papers is a tool to help you create a multi-page atlas of anywhere in the world.

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GEOIDEA.RO stands for GEodata Openness Initative for Development and Economic Advancement in ROmania and started in January 2013. It aims at improving the scientific basis for open geodata model adoption in Romania

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Google Crisis Map

A collection of national and regional-scale layers related to weather, hazards, and emergency preparedness and response, mostly for the US.

Google Earth

Explore the far reaches of the world, right in your browser.

Google MapMaker

Google Map Maker officially closed on March 31, 2017, and many of its features are being integrated into Google Maps.Since 2008, the Google Map Maker community has edited and moderated millions of f


Citizen Engagement tools and services for city governments


An emergency map publishing system that supports humanitarian workers in the field

Maps for Change

Embeddable map of parallel events and buses going to the People's Climate March in Washington, DC.

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NationalMap Australia

NationalMap is an online map-based tool to allow easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

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Paint the Town

Paint the Town is a collaborative data art project. It allows anyone to paint a New York City tax lot to any color they choose.

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Poplus Mapit

Solve your app’s administrative boundary problems, easily


A single platform to design for multiple transportation modes to thrive in your city.

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Shareabouts is a mapping application for crowdsourced info gathering.


We build open source software, digital infrastructure, and governance frameworks to enable public-private collaboration and the seamless exchange of transport data.


Drone maps and 3D models processed in the cloud for construction, mining, energy, & more.


Supernormal explored an algorithm that integrates social equity as a key variable in prioritizing infrastructural replacements and repairs.

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The Streetwyze app is the world’s first neighborhood navigator powered by local knowledge.


Open source, offline-compatible geostorytelling application

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The Dāna Project

Mobile micro-fundraising and awareness platform for charities

Our goal at Transitland is to make sense of the jumble here in the SF Bay Area. We're mapping those buses, trains, streetcars, ferries, and even cable cars.

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A UNICEF Mobile and Web Digital Mapping Solution

Urban Data Explorer

We have developed a data visualisation app which enables you to upload and visualise exports from both the Tombolo Digital Connector and your commonly used GIS systems online.

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Helping people raise their voice and those who serve them to listen and respond better


Social Maps is a tool that allows citizens to express their opinions about the city and its urban environment.