Legal tech

A2J Author

A2J Author aims to improve access to justice for people who represent themselves. The service hosts simplified legal information and resources created by legal professionals.

cat-icon United States


Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples close an amicable agreement. The chatbot, Alex, provides instant andreal time support to users.

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Arizona Eviction Help

Arizona Eviction Help makes it easier for tenants to learn about eviction hearings, identify potential defenses to useand create court documents to use.

cat-icon Arizona, USA


Attorned is a platform that links clients to lawyers through a bidding system. It increases access to justice by presenting a large pool of lawyers from multiple sectors.

cat-icon Canada attempts to remove barriers to legal assistance by providing DIY legal solutions in the form of videotutorials. Videos are recorded with professional lawyers, and are available in multiple languages.

cat-icon South Africa

Barefoot Law

Barefoot Law offers free legal information and assistance to people through social media, SMS, Skype calls, andcommunity engagement.

cat-icon Uganda


C-App provides guidance, support, and advice for most parts of the application process for Employment and Support Allowance and Personal Independent payment benefits, respectively.

cat-icon United Kingdom

Civil Resolution Tribunal

The Civil Resolution is an application for online dispute resolution. It helps resolve small claims and strata property disputes.

cat-icon British Columbia, Canada


Civis is a platform that enables citizens to understand and share feedback with the government on laws and policy decisions.

cat-icon India


ClickLaw provides legal information and a map of legal support services in British Columbia.

cat-icon British Columbia, Canada

Code for Australia Online Pleas

Over 60 percent of people that go to court for a minor offence are planning to and plead guilty. The tool enables guilty pleas to be lodged online prior to the scheduled court date for non-complex minor offences.

cat-icon Victoria, Australia

Confident Commuter

Confident Commuter helps people deal with ticket inspectors and fines. The user follows a guided process ofquestions and answers to find a solution for their case.

cat-icon Australia

Dear Landlord

Dear Landlord is an interactive app that helps tenants in privately-owned properties to understand their rights andeviction laws. It also helps users generate and review documents such as letters to their landlord or fill out a reviewapplication to the Civil Administrative Tribunal.

cat-icon Australia

Demander Justice

Demander Justice is a dispute resolution tool that helps people to settle disputes that can be brought to courtwithout a lawyer.

cat-icon France


DilSeWill is an online platform where users can create a will, and have it mailed to them after completion

cat-icon India


E-Court specialises in private and civil online dispute resolution. It aims to provide administrative justice at low costs.

cat-icon The Netherlands


Famalia is an SMS-based tool that seeks to inform people about succession law.

Find a legal aid adviser

Find A Legal Aid Adviser is an online tool through which users can find a legal aid adviser or a family mediator.

cat-icon United Kingdom

Fine Fixer

Fine Fixer provides a guided process for users who have been fined by local authorities. Based on the case, it guidespeople on how to fix a fine or determine a course of action in case of a fine.

cat-icon Australia

Fired Without Cause

Fired Without Cause helps users understand whether their employer treated them fairly. The app also has a severance pay calculator.

cat-icon Canada


Gavel provides various tools for people to track court cases and the delivery of justice. It also provides pro bono legal services to inmates and people with limited means.

cat-icon Nigeria

Good Call NYC

Good Call NYC provides support during an arrest process. Its 24/7 hotline puts people in touch with lawyers, free of charge.

cat-icon New York City

Haki Law App

Haki Law App intends to make knowledge about laws easily accessible. The mobile application provides legalinformation and connects citizens to lawyers.


Haqdarshak enables citizens to access government welfare schemes for which they are eligible. They provide onlineand offline support with documentation and applications.

cat-icon India

Health Complaints Assist

Health Complaints Assist is a chatbot that helps users make a complaint about medical treatment they or someonethey know received.

cat-icon Australia


HeLawyer provides legal information and access to lawyers through an Android application, SMS, phone call andWhatsapp.

Helpline Law

Helpline Law connects people with lawyers and law firms as per their needs.

cat-icon India

Helpself Legal

Helpself Legal is an online document automation system. Users can use the guided workflows to find legal assistance.

cat-icon United States

HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law)

User-friendly justice. With data and technology we co-create high quality justice based on what we need now.

cat-icon Fluwelen Burgwal 582511, The Hague, The Netherlands


Hukoomi is an e-governance application which provides access to a broad range of information, including legal information for business, and information about visa and immigration procesess.

cat-icon Qatar

Illinois Legal Aid Online

Illinois Legal Aid Online presents legal resources and information about legal aid in a simple and accessible manner.

cat-icon Illinois, USA

Illinois Legal AidOnline

Illinois Legal Aid Online presents legal resources and information about legal aid in a simple and accessible manner.

cat-icon Illinois


Immi helps immigrants understand their rights and options during the immigration process. The website’s guided process helps users determine their path to legal immigration, and offers a list of organisations and self-help resources.

cat-icon United States


In4Justice is an online dispute resolution service, and provides an alternate dispute resolution mechanism for small claim settlements.

cat-icon Nigeria


Technology for Housing Justice

cat-icon 150 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Justice Connect

Justice Connect provides legal help to people and communites at risk of being of left behind by the law. This includesa guided diagnostic, intake and triage tool, several online self-help tools, and a facility that allows other organisationsto refer people to Justice Connect.

cat-icon Australia

Justice Innovation Startup Lab

Learn about design thinking, justice innovation, and legal tech and apply them to the challenge of developing products and services that yield better justice outcomes.

cat-icon University of Southern California LA

Justice Tech

A curated list of 175 criminal justice data and technology projects.


JusticeTrans offers legal information about transgender rights across Canada.

cat-icon Canada


Justika offers real-time legal support over the telephone for a broad range of problems, such as marriage, inheritance, and employment.

cat-icon Indonesia


Laudelina is a mobile application, aimed to empower domestic workers. It has an accessible guide to labour rights, abenefits calculator, a list of protection agencies, and an option to create a social network with fellow domestic workers.

cat-icon Brazil

Law for Me

LawforMe attempts to make the law and legal processes accessible to all citizens by simplifying Indian laws throughthe use of design and technology.

cat-icon India

Law for Me

LawforMe attempts to make the law and legal processes accessible to all citizens by simplifying Indian laws throughthe use of design and technology.

cat-icon India

Law Help Interactive

Law Help Interactive is an online service which helps users fill out legal documents for free.

cat-icon United States

Law Padi

LawPadi started as an online legal advice system to provide information and resources to people in Nigeria. It nowprovides virtual assistance on legal issues through a chatbot.

cat-icon Nigeria

Law Strive

Law Strive is a website through which individuals and businesses can get instant legal advice, and hire lawyers.

cat-icon Nigeria


Lawger uses an online bidding system to connect people with lawyers. Once users submit their legal problem, lawyers registered with the programme can bid on the case.

cat-icon Canada


LawGives is an online legal service platform. Users can input their legal problem and the site generates free quotes and consultations from registered attorneys.

cat-icon Canada


LawRato is an online platform which allows individuals and businesses to find lawyers and receive free legalinformation online.

cat-icon India


LawyerLinx is a legal marketplace where individuals and businesses can find lawyers on demand.

cat-icon Canada


LawzGrid allows individuals and businesses to seek legal information, find a lawyer and create online legaldocuments based on their requirements.

cat-icon India

Legal Aid Checker

Legal Aid Checker provides a guided pathway to information about common legal issues.

cat-icon Australia

Legal Chat

Legal Services Commission of South Australia’s Legal Chat service provides live chat support during working hours.

cat-icon Australia

Legal Health Check-up

Halton Community Legal Services uses a guided process to help people who are living in poverty identify their legal problems and find a solution.

cat-icon Halton Community Legal Services, Dorval Drive, Oakville, ON, Canada

Legal Lab at Open Tech Fund

This lab anticipates, assists with, and responds to various legal issues unique to internet freedom projects.

cat-icon 2025 M Street Northwest, Downtown, Washington, DC 20036, USA

Legal Legends

Legal Legends allows small businesses to purchase legal services at fixed prices on its platform.

cat-icon South Africa

Legal Robot

Legal tech startup using Artificial Intelligence to make Legal Documents less painful & improve Access to Justice.

Legal Smart Channel

Legal Smart Channel is a web application that helps the public understand legal issues online, by offering free access to legal consultancy services.

cat-icon Indonesia

Legal Swipe

Legalswipe educates users about their legal rights through a series of menus and cues.

cat-icon Toronto, ON, Canada


Digital tool that helps Colombian citizens know where, how and what to do regarding their everyday legal paperwork

cat-icon Colombia


Legistify is a platform where people in need of legal assistance can find a lawyer.

cat-icon India


Lexassisto is an interactive online resource that attempts to make the law and information about legal processesmore accesible to people.

cat-icon India


Lexcare is an online forum where people can post legal questions and recieve advice. Users can also find lawyers andconsult them for a fee.

cat-icon India


LexLucid is a service that grades elements in contracts and online legal documents, such as terms of service and privacy policies.

cat-icon United States


Lexyom is an online legal services platform which connects users to lawyers based on the user’s needs.

cat-icon Lebanon


M-Haki allows users to send SMS messages with legal questions, which the organisation’s lawyers and volunteerlawyers answer for a small fee.

Maryland Law HelpApp

Maryland Law Help is a mobile application that connects Maryland citizens with legal information, tools and resources.

cat-icon Maryland

Matras 2

Matras 2 offers a range of services, related to matters such as vehicle registration, immigration and visadocumentation, and loss of documents.

cat-icon Qatar


Mulika allows users to annoymously report corruption by government officials and other crimes through SMS. Userscan report a case by sending a text message, which is forwarded to relevant officials.

My Legal Briefcase

My Legal Briefcase helps individuals and businesses handle their legal cases with or without a lawyer. It also assistsusers in preparing simple legal documents.

cat-icon Toronto, ON, Canada


Through various tools on its website, MyLawBC provides legal aid, legal advice, information and representation topeople facing a legal problem.

cat-icon British Columbia, Canada


Notifica allows users to inform family members, legal advocates, and other contacts that they have been detained by the police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

cat-icon United States


Nyaaya’s platform provides comprehensive information on various legal topics in an accessible and simple language,covering aspects of the law that the public interact with in their daily lives.

cat-icon India

Online Lawyers

Online Lawyers is an online platform where individuals and businesses can connect with lawyers and seek legaladvice online.

cat-icon Belgium

Online Mediation Center

Online Mediation Center is a pilot project at the National Law School in Bangalore, and provides online tools to address consumer grievances.

cat-icon National Law School of India University, Gnana Bharathi Main Road, Opp NAAC, Teachers Colony, Naagarabhaavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Open Legal Data

Wir stellen Gesetzestexte und Urteile für alle kostenlos und maschinenlesbar zur Verfügung.

cat-icon Berlin, Germany

Pakistani Lawyer

Pakistani Lawyer is web-based platform that provides contact details of lawyers, as well as resources to educate students and non-lawyers about Pakistani law.

cat-icon Pakistan


Penda is a mobile application for women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence or abuse. Theapp provides legal information and referrals.

cat-icon Australia

Pine Tree Legal Association

Pine Tree Legal Association provides online legal resources to improve access to law for people with low incomes.

cat-icon United States

PLP 2.0

The PLP 2.0 mobile application allows victims of domestic violence to report violence. Users feeling threatened bya former or current partner can use the app to report the issue to the police. The app allows a user to contact thepolice by using the phone’s power button. The police receives an alert as well as the GPS location of the user at risk offacing abuse.

cat-icon Brazil

Pocket Law

Pocket Law is an offline legal library for students with no internet connection at home, and for courts with limitedinternet connectivity. Additionally, smaller or younger law firms can also subscribe to use this legal library.

cat-icon South Africa


Pokket℠ connects justice agencies and human service providers with returning citizens to break the cycle.

cat-icon 75 5th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308

Police Case

Police Case uses popular TV culture to educate the public about legal rights and the justice system.

cat-icon Sierra Leone


Presolv360 is an online dispute prevention service that aims to prevent legal disputes and litigation. The Presolv forAll service is available as a free service for underprivileged members of the society.

cat-icon India

Project Callisto

Project Callisto helps survivors of sexual assualt and harrasment on college campuses document sexual assault, seek counseling, and start an investigation.

cat-icon United States

Project Lemon Aid

Project Lemon Aid matches people awaiting trial behind bars with pro bono lawyers who can represent their case.

cat-icon Nigeria

Queensland Law Handbook

Queensland Law Handbook is a comprehensive and accessible resource designed to help Queensland residents withtheir legal problems.

cat-icon Queensland, Australia


Re-focus is a mobile application that provides legal information and welfare advice for women who are separated orare thinking of separating.

cat-icon Australia


Rechtwijzer is an online dispute resolution site. It provides legal remedies and online tools to help parties settledisputes without a lawyer.

cat-icon The Netherlands


RePresent is a law game that provides self-represented parties in Connecticut with foundational advocacy experience.

cat-icon Connecticut


Robota is a chatbot that guides workers to file a lawsuit against their current or former employers.

cat-icon Israel


Sauti is a mobile-based platform allows cross-border traders to access real-time market prices, exchange rates and trade procedures, using a basic phone.

cat-icon Nairobi, Kenya

SMS for Justice

SMS for Justice is a project by Nazdeek that combines legal training, mobile technology and community monitoringto build a Dalit women-led network of paralegals, trained to demand accountability for the delivery of basic services.

cat-icon India


We build job-matching platforms, omni-channel communications systems and evaluation tools for the most complex problems in the world today.

Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice provides users with step-by-step legal information, practical tools, and referral information for legal and social services across Ontario.

cat-icon Ontario, Canada

Tele Law

Tele Law facilitates the delivery of legal aid to marginalized communities, by connecting individuals with lawyersthrough volunteer-run service centres.

cat-icon India

Tele Law

Tele Law facilitates the delivery of legal aid to marginalized communities, by connecting individuals with lawyersthrough volunteer-run service centres.

cat-icon India

Text a Lawyer

Text a Lawyer offers users the option to ask a legal question to, or request legal assistance from a pool of lawyers.

cat-icon United States