Legal tech

A2J Author

A2J Author aims to improve access to justice for p

cat-icon United States


Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples clos

cat-icon United Kingdom

Arizona Eviction Help

Arizona Eviction Help makes it easier for tenants

cat-icon Arizona, USA


Attorned is a platform that links clients to lawye

cat-icon Canada attempts to remove barriers to legal as

cat-icon South Africa

Barefoot Law

Barefoot Law offers free legal information and ass

cat-icon Uganda


C-App provides guidance, support, and advice for m

cat-icon United Kingdom


Civis is a platform that enables citizens to under

cat-icon India


ClickLaw provides legal information and a map of l

cat-icon British Columbia, Canada

Code for Australia Online Pleas

Over 60 percent of people that go to court for a m

cat-icon Victoria, Australia


DilSeWill is an online platform where users can cr

cat-icon India


E-Court specialises in private and civil online di

cat-icon The Netherlands


Famalia is an SMS-based tool that seeks to inform

Fine Fixer

Fine Fixer provides a guided process for users who

cat-icon Australia


Gavel provides various tools for people to track c

cat-icon Nigeria

Good Call NYC

Good Call NYC provides support during an arrest pr

cat-icon New York City

Haki Law App

Haki Law App intends to make knowledge about laws


Haqdarshak enables citizens to access government w

cat-icon India


HeLawyer provides legal information and access to

Helpline Law

Helpline Law connects people with lawyers and law

cat-icon India

Helpself Legal

Helpself Legal is an online document automation sy

cat-icon United States
cat-icon Fluwelen Burgwal 582511, The Hague, The Netherlands


Hukoomi is an e-governance application which provi

cat-icon Qatar


Immi helps immigrants understand their rights and

cat-icon United States


In4Justice is an online dispute resolution service

cat-icon Nigeria

Justice Connect

Justice Connect provides legal help to people and

cat-icon Australia

Justice Innovation Startup Lab

Learn about design thinking, justice innovation, a

cat-icon University of Southern California LA

Justice Tech

A curated list of 175 criminal justice data and te


JusticeTrans offers legal information about transg

cat-icon Canada


Justika offers real-time legal support over the te

cat-icon Indonesia


Laudelina is a mobile application, aimed to empowe

cat-icon Brazil

Law for Me

LawforMe attempts to make the law and legal proces

cat-icon India

Law for Me

LawforMe attempts to make the law and legal proces

cat-icon India

Law Padi

LawPadi started as an online legal advice system t

cat-icon Nigeria

Law Strive

Law Strive is a website through which individuals

cat-icon Nigeria


Lawger uses an online bidding system to connect pe

cat-icon Canada


LawGives is an online legal service platform. User

cat-icon Canada


LawRato is an online platform which allows individ

cat-icon India


LawyerLinx is a legal marketplace where individual

cat-icon Canada


LawzGrid allows individuals and businesses to seek

cat-icon India

Legal Aid Checker

Legal Aid Checker provides a guided pathway to inf

cat-icon Australia

Legal Chat

Legal Services Commission of South Australia’s L

cat-icon Australia

Legal Health Check-up

Halton Community Legal Services uses a guided proc

cat-icon Halton Community Legal Services, Dorval Drive, Oakville, ON, Canada

Legal Lab at Open Tech Fund

This lab anticipates, assists with, and responds t

cat-icon 2025 M Street Northwest, Downtown, Washington, DC 20036, USA

Legal Legends

Legal Legends allows small businesses to purchase

cat-icon South Africa

Legal Robot

Legal tech startup using Artificial Intelligence t

Legal Smart Channel

Legal Smart Channel is a web application that help

cat-icon Indonesia

Legal Swipe

Legalswipe educates users about their legal rights

cat-icon Toronto, ON, Canada


Digital tool that helps Colombian citizens know wh

cat-icon Colombia


Legistify is a platform where people in need of le

cat-icon India


Lexassisto is an interactive online resource that

cat-icon India


Lexcare is an online forum where people can post l

cat-icon India


LexLucid is a service that grades elements in cont

cat-icon United States


Lexyom is an online legal services platform which

cat-icon Lebanon


M-Haki allows users to send SMS messages with lega

Matras 2

Matras 2 offers a range of services, related to ma

cat-icon Qatar


Mulika allows users to annoymously report corrupti

My Legal Briefcase

My Legal Briefcase helps individuals and businesse

cat-icon Toronto, ON, Canada


Through various tools on its website, MyLawBC prov

cat-icon British Columbia, Canada


Notifica allows users to inform family members, le

cat-icon United States


Nyaaya’s platform provides comprehensive informa

cat-icon India

Online Lawyers

Online Lawyers is an online platform where individ

cat-icon Belgium

Online Mediation Center

Online Mediation Center is a pilot project at the

cat-icon National Law School of India University, Gnana Bharathi Main Road, Opp NAAC, Teachers Colony, Naagarabhaavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Open Legal Data

Wir stellen Gesetzestexte und Urteile für alle ko

cat-icon Berlin, Germany

Pakistani Lawyer

Pakistani Lawyer is web-based platform that provid

cat-icon Pakistan


Penda is a mobile application for women who have e

cat-icon Australia

PLP 2.0

The PLP 2.0 mobile application allows victims of d

cat-icon Brazil