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80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours aims to solve the most pressing skill bottlenecks in the world's most pressing problems. We do this by providing research and support to help people switch into careers that effectively tackle these problems.

cat-icon Centre for Effective Altruism United Kingdom

Design Gigs for Good

Design Gigs for Good is a free community-driven resource to help more people use the tools of design to create positive social change.

ICT 4 Jobs

If you're doing work in technology and development, submit an opportunity or ask how we can help connect you with top candidates.

Jobs for Good

If like us, you are inspired by the potential of people and technology to power a better society, then you might be interested in Jobs for Good.

Planetizen Jobswire

Reach Planetizen's massive audience of planners, designers, architects, developers, academics, and other professionals who are working with the built environment.

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A digital hub where people determined to change the world can find a job, discover workshops and courses, locate funding, hire the right team, connect with mission-driven companies, share best practices, or learn from others who are using their careers to make an impact.

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