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tracked edits made to Wikipedia from U.S. Capitol

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What has brought us together over the past year an

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4p bot

A virtual assistant for Filipinos on social welfar

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Agora uses machine learning + natural language pro

AI Initiative

The AI Initiative is dedicated to shaping the glob

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AI Now

The AI Now Institute at New York University is an

Air Matters

Providing real-time Air Quality Index & Allergy Po


Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples clos

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Article One

Fireside specializes in creating the most innovati

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Automating NYC

We want to empower New Yorkers to advocate for ADS

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Beta Blocks

Exploring new approaches for community-led innovat

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An initiative to examine whether and how blockchai

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Boston’s Smart Streets page

City page covers which tracking technologies are i

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We use advance machine learning techniques to dete


Access the internet simply and reliably where you


Check out the world leading Air Pollution API. Edu

Calgary’s noise-sensing network

Calgary’s LoRaWAN — a long-range, low power di

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Chalmers can help you find things like: free meals

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Bringing the town hall to your citizens

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CivicConnect provides a suite of applications that


Innovation has been at the core of our corporate D


Civil is building the new economy for journalism.


Using signals gathered from citizens, either activ

Conversation AI

Conversation AI is a collaborative research effort

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Less Misinformation, Better Internet.

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A new movement says that crypto-voting can purify

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DIUx xView Detection Challenge

Pentagon's humanitarian satellite imagery competit

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Engage Whatsapp app

Change the face of social impact engagement global

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A crowdsourced community platform powered by advan


Using Chatbots to Answer Farmer Queries in India

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Follow My Vote

Follow My Vote aims to change the way we vote, bec


FutureAir's first product, SAM™, is a Smart Air

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Giveth donations

Charitable giving on the blockchain - revolution.e

Google AI for Social Good

At Google, we believe that AI can provide new ways

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