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What has brought us together over the past year and a half is a wide-ranging and ever-increasing list of concerns about the project, not to mention growing frustration with a public engagement process that is unable to address these concerns effectively, given that it is led by and paid for by the company hoping to win “the big contract.”

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Civil society campaign to discuss ethical limits in the use of new technologies for electoral purposes.

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Big Data from the South

The Big Data from the South Initiative is a space for theoretical and empirical exchange on the challenges of datafication and massive data collection as they unfold in the plurality of South(s) inhabiting our increasingly complex world.

Center for Humane Technology

The Center for Humane Technology is a world-class team of former tech insiders and CEOs who are advancing thoughtful solutions to change the culture, business incentives, design techniques, and organizational structures driving how technology hijacks our brains.

Civil Servant

We support citizen behavioral science for a fairer, safer, more understanding internet.

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Creative technology companies, fully owned and controlled by the people who do the work.


Darcy will allow everyone to run their own federated social media instance – without having to worry about technology, moderation or legal compliance, because Darcy will take care of that for you – if you want!

Data & Society

Data & Society is a research institute focused on the social and cultural issues arising from data-centric technological development.

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Data Harm Record

The aim of this document is to provide a running record of ‘data harms’, harms that have been caused by uses of big data. The goal is to document and learn from where things have gone wrong.

Data Justice Lab

The Data Justice Lab examines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, highlighting the politics and impacts of data-driven processes and big data

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Data Scores as Governance

"the first comprehensive analysis of data-driven citizen scoring in the public sector in the UK"


This project explores the meaning of social justice in an age of datafication

Digital Impact

Digital Impact (formerly Markets for Good) is an initiative of the Digital Civil Society Lab to improve the data infrastructure for social good and help civil society organizations use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively.

Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund

Even when we don’t know it, artificial intelligence affects virtually every aspect of our modern lives. Technology and commerce will ensure it will impact every society on earth. Yet, for something so...

Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

Adoption of self-driving, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) promises to dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents, but some inevitable accidents will requi...


The Fairwork Foundation is a project that is working to set and measure standards in the platform economy.

Fourth Group

Global inquiry into citizens in the digital age

Humane by Design

A resource that provides guidance for designing ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being.

Landscape Analysis of Ethical Platforms

A report on the pathologies of commercial platforms and benefits and challenges of ethical platforms

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Mozilla Foundation

Established in 2003, guided by the Mozilla Manifesto, the Mozilla Foundation believes the Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible to all.

Openly Operated

The free transparency certification

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PeaceTech Living Learning Community

Exploring the intersection of peace-building and technology—critically reflecting on the social impact of technology and fostering the creation of “tech for good.”

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Racial Literacy in Tech

Racial literacy is a new method for addressing the racially disparate impacts of technology.

Responsible Data community

The RD community is a place for those who use data in social change and advocacy to develop practical approaches to addressing the ethical, legal, social and privacy-related challenges they face.

Responsible Innovation COMPASS

Responsible Innovation COMPASS is an EU-funded project that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from emerging technology industries to manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner.

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Techtopia is a multidisciplinary research and teaching initiative that brings together Harvard students and faculty around the biggest issues in tech today.

The Markup

We are a new publication illuminating how powerful institutions are using technology in ways that impact people and society.

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The ODI’s Data Ethics Canvas

The Data Ethics Canvas is designed to help identify potential ethical issues associated with a data project or activity. It promotes understanding and debate around the foundation, intention and potential impact of any piece of work, and helps identify the steps needed to act ethically.

The Project on Governing the Digital Public Sphere

To support the Yale Information Society Project’s work on how law should regulate and social media companies should govern the digital public sphere

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Up & Go

Home cleaning in NYC you can feel great about

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