The Hague

Centre for Humanitarian Data’s Data Fellows

Through this programme, Fellows design and deliver targeted projects that contribute to the Centre's overall goal of increasing the use and impact of data in the humanitarian sector.

cat-icon Humanity Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal, The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands

Europol Trace an Object

The most innocent clues can sometimes help crack a case. The objects are all taken from the background of an image with sexually explicit material involving minors. For all images below, every other investigative avenue has already been examined. Therefore we are requesting your assistance in identifying the origin of some of these objects. We are convinced that more eyes will lead to more leads and will ultimately help to save these children.

cat-icon Eisenhowerlaan 73, The Hague, Netherlands

Open Up Contracting

A five-year partnership that hoped to improve procurement through open data and transparency

cat-icon Hivos Foundation, Grote Marktstraat, The Hague, Netherlands