Code for Poland’s project catalog

Zostań koordynatorem projektu lub dołącz do rozwijanych projektów jako członek interdyscyplinarnego zespołu. Przejdź przez proces tworzenia projektu od analizy wymagań po ogólnopolskie wdrożenie.

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ePaństwo Foundation

ePaństwo Foundation's aim is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities and civic engagement.

cat-icon Fundacja ePaństwo, Warsaw, Poland

Inspired by the help that people give each other during hard times, we created an application that will allow anyone in need to find help in their daily duties.

cat-icon Poland

New Urban Visions

New urban visions, the final event of the EU-funded DSI4EU project, will see the launch of our experimental index and ideas bank, a pioneering piece of work exploring how city ecosystems and governments can support and work with DSI, and of our new collection of positive visions for the future of DSI.

cat-icon Warsaw, Poland

Obywatelskie Fedrowanie Danych

“FOIA Data Mining” is a FOIA service that enables watchdog organizations to organize volunteers in retyping and structuring responses to FOIA requests.

cat-icon Ursynowska 2200-001, Warszawa, Poland

Otwarte Dane

Central repository of Polish open public data.

cat-icon Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji, Królewska, Warsaw, Poland