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All Our Ideas wikisurveys

Mix core ideas from survey research with new insights from crowdsourcing. Add a heavy dose of statistics. Stir in a bit of fresh thinking. Enjoy.

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Code for Hackensack

We are futurists. We are founders. We are friends.We are the Hackensack Brigade of Code for America.

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Code for Jersey City

Code for Jersey City is a nonpartisan, civic-tech, volunteer community group that collaborates with local government and community partners. We build new tools that help with local civic issues, advocate for better technology and open government, and provide a space for residents to voice and act on their ideas so that our city can grow for, and by the people.

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Code for Newark

We are Code for Newark, the local Newark brigade of Code for America. We are a diverse group of newbies, pros, developers, coders, data geeks, and designers who are interested in making ourselves and our world a better place.

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Princeton Corpus of Political Emails

This corpus contains emails from candidates running for state and federal office, political parties, and other political organizations like PACs. As of Sun Oct 18 23:52:25 EDT 2020, the corpus contains 286,576 emails from 3,071 senders.


From Saving the Census to Google Maps: The US Census Bureau's TIGER System, 1980-2010

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