Citywide Data Inventory

This dataset is part of an ongoing effort to inventory each dataset in the City of KCMO.

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Code for OKC

Code for OKC is an all volunteer group and we’d love to have you participate in any way that you can.

cat-icon Kansas City, MO

Engage your Community

ParleyVox is a revolutionary way for goverenments, businesses and community builders everywhere to keep thier finger on the pulse of what large groups of people are thinking

cat-icon Kansas City, MO, USA

Human Agency

Human Agency is a platform that democratizes the tools of advertising

cat-icon St. Louis, MO, USA


MindMixer acts as a virtual town-hall allowing community planning to happen online.

cat-icon 304 W 8th St, Kansas City, MO 64105, USA


A city intelligence tool - Track, analyze, and communicate progress on citywide goals

cat-icon Kansas City, MO, USA


NICAR expanded the Data Journalism listserv to a Spanish language version

cat-icon Missouri School of Journalism, Walter Williams Road, Columbia, MO 65211, USA


Given the transformative potential of technology, OpenSTL invites civic geeks of all stripes, from developers to community leaders, to come together to use technology and data to improve the lives of everyone in St. Louis.

cat-icon St Louis, MO