Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions

The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions supports communities to solve their own challenges, with a special focus on opportunity youth.

cat-icon Aspen Institute, North 3rd Street, Aspen, CO, USA

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is a fun and easy way for residents to learn about public budgets and the choices their elected officials face in the budgeting process.

cat-icon Colorado, USA

Boulder eligibility calculator

" and Boulder, Colorado, are teaming up to create a new eligibility calculator, which residents of that city will be able to use to determine if they qualify for public programs, discounts or rebates"

cat-icon Boulder, CO

Code for Boulder

Code For Boulder lies within the intersection of tech, data, and community engagement. Boulder is a vibrant city; we join up with local government, non-profits, and community organizers to help bring out the best in the place we call home.

cat-icon Boulder, CO

Code for Denver

We build software to help nonprofits and local government better serve their community.

cat-icon Denver, CO

Code for Fort Collins

Code for Fort Collins is a volunteer organization who develops technology-driven solutions to challenges faced by charities, government agencies, and other groups within the city.

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Colorado Digital Service

CDS hires top technologists from diverse backgrounds into term-limited tours of civic service, bringing their expertise to help improve the services that millions of Coloradans use.

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Neighborland is a communications platform that empowers organizations to collaborate with their stakeholders in an accessible, participatory, and equitable way.

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