Organization working on strenghtening citizen participation by using technology for offering quality information on public administration. Somos una herramienta de información que busca que los ciudadanos tengan una visión clara y completa de la gestión de los funcionarios públicos en Colombia.

cat-icon Cra. 20 #45A-33, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

Burocratas YouTube channel

Somos una herramienta de información que busca que los ciudadanos tengan una visión clara y completa de la gestión de los funcionarios públicos en Colombia.

cat-icon Bogota, Colombia

Centro de Relevo

Inclusion for allowing citizens with hearing impairment to interact with public services and institutions.

cat-icon Cra. 8a, Bogotá, Colombia

Climate Modeling in Colombia

In a cross-sector partnership led by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture, The Clima y Sector Agropecuario Colombiano (Colombian Climate and Agricultural Sector; CSAC) provides meteorological data to farmers along with data on the economics and agronomy of rice cultivation.

cat-icon Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, Avenida Jimenez De Quesada, Bogota, Colombia


Digital security training and resources in Colombia

cat-icon Colnodo, Diagonal 40a, Bogota, Colombia

Colombia Check

Digital, open and colaborative platform in which news and articles are fact-checked and published regularly for maintaining healthy debates and conversations in Colombia.

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cat-icon Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

Cuentas Claras en Elecciones

A page that allows candidates and parties to present election campaign finance information.

cat-icon Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia


With Datasketch Apps you can create data visualizations in seconds and empower users to analyze data faster with access to open information repositories curated by journalists and researchers.

cat-icon BOGOTÁ D.C., Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Datos Abiertos Colombia

Is the biggest public repository of Open Data in Colombia, created by the IT Ministry with the goal of fostering collaboration and the development of new applications and visualizations.

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Development Seed Vulnerable Housing pilot

Development Seed is supporting the World Bank to identify dangerous housing in Colombia through the use of artificial intelligence.

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Political organization focused on generating healthy physical and digital spaces for co-creation and incidence in the political landscape.

cat-icon Bogota, Colombia

Fundación Karisma

Organización de la sociedad civil que trabaja en la promoción de los derechos humanos en el mundo digital

cat-icon Transversal 22a #59-44, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

Gana Nariño

Open Government initiative by the Nariño department in Colombia, combining approaches in collaborative economy and social innovation.

cat-icon Narino, Colombia


Digital tool that helps Colombian citizens know where, how and what to do regarding their everyday legal paperwork

cat-icon Colombia

Mi Medellín

Ahora los ciudadanos de Medellín tenemos un espacio para compartir ideas y asumir retos frente a temas de ciudad: #MiMedellín

cat-icon Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia


Somos un laboratorio de participación ciudadana e innovación social en Colombia incubado por Purpose. Citizen participation and social innovation lab for Colombia and Latin America.

cat-icon Bogota, Colombia


Digital space that encourages citizen conversation around matters of public interest. Investigating the results for finding useful insights to be used for generating incidence at the political level.

cat-icon Bogota, Colombia

Neon Air


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A través de SeamOS, podremos sentar un voto de opinión sobre las propuestas que se presentan en el Concejo de Bogota.

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Si Fuera Presidente

Todas las peticiones llegarán a los candidatos presidenciales y podrán adoptarlas dentro de sus planes de gobierno.

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Open Data for indicators and information regarding Colombian land and territory.

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