Abhi Nemani’s Civic Tech course

University of Chicago Computational Analytics and Public Policy

cat-icon The University of Chicago, South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ballot Information Project

We collect nationwide datasets of who and what is on the ballot for each election.

Blue 1647

Powered by community we exist to enable your educational & entrepreneurial pursuits.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA


BuiltWorlds is the premier research-driven network operating at the intersection of the built industry and technological innovation

cat-icon Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago Test Out

This site tracks COVID-19 testing data and hospital bed availability over time in the city of Chicago.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

City Bureau

City Bureau is a nonprofit civic journalism lab based on the South Side of Chicago. We bring journalists and communities together in a collaborative spirit to produce media that is impactful, equitable and responsive to the public.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

City Bureau Civic Reporting Residency

A 10-week program for journalists of all levels to learn our community-centered reporting process while covering the South and West Sides

cat-icon 6100 S Blackstone Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, USA

City Scrapers

A community open source project designed to standardize, scrape and share public meetings in a central database, in collaboration with City Bureau's Documenters program.

cat-icon Chicago, Illinois, USA


CityBase is a gov tech platform that connects cities and citizens to make government more accessible and efficient.

cat-icon 30 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602, USA

Illinois Legal Aid Online

Illinois Legal Aid Online presents legal resources and information about legal aid in a simple and accessible manner.

cat-icon Illinois, USA

Illinois Legal AidOnline

Illinois Legal Aid Online presents legal resources and information about legal aid in a simple and accessible manner.

cat-icon Illinois

Making a Smart City a Fairer City: Chicago’s Technologists Address Issues of Privacy, Ethics, and Equity, 2011-2018

The Emanuel administration hoped to harness the city’s trove of digital data to improve Chicagoans’ health, safety, and quality of life.

cat-icon Chicago


We train youth to produce high quality data about community assets that everyone can use to improve the human condition.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

Mighty Deposits

The bank you choose can make a big difference in terms of the social and economic impact created by your money.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

Million Dollar Blocks

Illinois allocates an incredible amount of money to incarcerate people from Chicago's poorest neighborhoods — sometimes millions for residents on individual city blocks. There are more effective ways to invest public dollars.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

Obama for America’s organizing trainings

Most of these trainings include slides, an outline, and the appropriate worksheets, so you can either adapt the trainings for your own audience, or go through the training yourselves.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

Open Gov Report Card

Grades how Chicago and Cook County government agencies share important meeting information like agendas, minutes and schedules with the public

cat-icon 6100 S Blackstone Ave, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Open Uptown

We forge partnerships between neighbors who use technology to improve interactions with, and access to, public services.

cat-icon Chicago, Illinois, USA