Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

The prize will be allocated in separate awards of €1 million each in 5 distinct thematic areas: shelter and related assistance, water, sanitation and hygiene, energy, health and medical care, other forms of humanitarian aid (open category).

cat-icon European Commission, Rue Philippe Le Bon, Brussels, Belgium

Citizen Engagement Festival

The aim of the festival is to strengthen understanding of the role of citizen engagement across the policy cycle.

cat-icon European Commission Rue Philippe le Bon 3 1000 Brussels Belgium

Corporate Tax Tracker

A tool to examine publicly available key financial data of the 20 largest European banks.

cat-icon Brussels, Belgium

European AI Fund

The European AI Fund is a philanthropic initiative to shape the direction of AI in Europe. Our long-term vision is to promote an ecosystem of European public interest and civil society organisations working on policy and technology, based on a diversity of actors and a plurality of goals that represents society as a whole.

cat-icon Rue Royale 941000, Brussels, Belgium

European Digital Rights

European Digital Rights (EDRi) is an association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe. We defend rights and freedoms in the digital environment.

cat-icon Brussels, Belgium

Integrity Watch EU

User-friendly interactive databse that provides an ovierview of the lobby meetings, EU Lobbyists, MEP incomes, and Revolving Doors at the EU Institutions level.

cat-icon Brussels, Belgium


Secure and private email service with collaboration suite.

cat-icon Contactoffice Group sa/nv, Rue Middelbourg, Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium

Open Hardware Observatory

The Open Source Observatory (OSOR) serves as a place where the open source software community can come together to publish news, find out about events, find relevant open source software solutions and read about the use of free and open source in public administrations across and beyond Europe.

cat-icon Brussels, Belgium

Project Defenders Sustainable Emergency Grants

Any NGO, human rights or media organisation that faces threats due to the work they are doing, can apply for this grant.

cat-icon Brussels

The Good Lobby

TGL is committed to giving voice to underrepresented public interests and bringing more citizens into the public policy process.

cat-icon Brussels, Belgium