cat-icon Schillerpromenade 31, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Urban Tech

It deals with central issues such as location factors and potential of urban production, future-oriented ideas for logistics in urban areas and the opportunities of additive manufacturing in urban areas.

cat-icon Chausseestraße 13, Berlin, Germany

Bridge Figures

Bridge Figures is a human rights organization that scales the potential of artists, activists, journalists & other agents of social change to build bridges and break walls in a data-driven world

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Chaos Computer Club

Europe's largest association of hackers.

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cat-icon Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6, 12101, Berlin, Germany


Du hast Ideen, die unser Land in eine bessere, gerechte Zukunft führen. Mutig und klar. Mit Lust auf morgen?

cat-icon Wilhelmstraße 141, 10963 Berlin, Germany

To promote charitable projects that want to implement an innovative digital idea to strengthen our democracy.

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Digitale Projekte auf ihrer Learning Journey

cat-icon Schlesische Str. 26, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Digital Refugee Projects

118 projects to help refugees, curated by betterplace lab

cat-icon betterplace Solutions GmbH, Schlesische Straße, Berlin, Germany


Supporting the transformation of cities towards a more sustainable mobility through data analysis and digital communication.

cat-icon Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6, 12101, Berlin, Germany

Hush City

With Hush City app, you are an active part of a soundscape and citizen science research project to map and evaluate everyday quiet areas.

cat-icon Hardenbergstraße 40, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Imagine 2030

It has played an essential role in achieving the United Nations global goals for social, economic and environmental sustainability.

cat-icon Bouchéstraße 12/Halle 20, 12435 Berlin, Germany


cases of democratic technology in Latin America from eighteen countries in a twenty-six year period (1990-2016)

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Mein Berlin

Auf meinBerlin finden Sie eine Übersicht über Projekte der Berliner Verwaltung sowie zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, sich aktiv an der Gestaltung unserer Stadt zu beteiligen

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Networking for democracy defenders.

Democracy Defenders for informal networking events for democracy defenders and citizens caring about their freedoms and rights.

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