Barcelona Digital City

The priority of Barcelona is to go beyond the concept of smart city or smart city and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by data-based technologies and their great power of transformation.

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Barcelona Metropolis Dossiers

The new Barcelona Metròpolis wants to be a tool for promoting and stimulating citizen debate on the big questions affecting our future.

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Barcelona Open Budget

A tool created for citizens and all those people or organizations that may be interested, which aims to facilitate the analysis and understanding of the budgets of the City of Barcelona.

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Data Commons Manifesto

It reflects the discussions and proposals of dozens of people and collectives involved in the Digital Democracy and Data Commons participatory process.

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DEcentralised Citizen-owned Data Ecosystems (DECODE)

an experimental project to enable practical alternatives to how we manage our personal data and interact on the internet


DecidimFest is an intense 3-day program of activities devoted to the Decidim project, participatory democracy and open source tools for collective intelligence in the era of Global Democracy.

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Digital Democracy and Data Commons pilot

DECODE es un proyecto europeo que pretende dar respuesta a la preocupación de las personas sobre la pérdida de control de su información personal en Internet.

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Eines per a una transformació digital oberta i àgil

El programa per a la Digitalització Oberta: Programari Lliure i Desenvolupament Àgil de Serveis de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona defineix el procés de canvi profund i progressiu de la manera en que la ciutat oferirà els seus serveis a la ciutadania en els propers anys.

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Master in Data & Design

The MADD programme will provide candidates with the Master Key to create comprehensible and meaningful ways to connect people with information.

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