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Aunt Meiyu

A Taiwanese developer Carol created a chatbot called Aunt Meiyu on popular messaging app LINE. Aunt Meiyu is designed to combat disinformation circulated in private chat group, especially family chat groups

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Beijing Air Tracks

The causes and effects of air pollution comprise a complicated chemical recipe that is all too easily reduced to superficial observation (the color of the sky) or an abstract statistical reading from static instruments. In reality, the total experience of a city’s air quality is a combination of highly localized as well as more regional effects that shift in intensity as one moves through an urban landscape.

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BERiDE is where people can share their ideas to develop the city in any way. / Ide Anda dapat Menjadikan Jakarta Lebih Baik, Ayo Kolaborasi Bersama

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Boom Live

It is an independent digital journalism initiative with a mission to fight misinformation and make the internet safer.

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Building Maintenance Network Chart


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Centre for Internet and Society

The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is an Indian, non-profit organization that undertakes interdisciplinary research on internet and digital technologies from policy and academic perspectives.

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A global volunteer-run project crowdsourcing resources on the web to address gender-based violence

Civic Tech Connect India

Civic Tech Connect 2018 marked the official launch of the Civic Tech India 2018 Accelerator and brought together entrepreneurs and investors

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Civil Cops

Report Civic & Social Issues through our Artificially Intelligent chat & voice interfaces integrated onto all the major social media channels

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Code for Ibaraki

It is a non-profit voluntary organization whose base is Ibaraki Prefecture (we call it a community). Code for Ibaraki's

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Code for Pakistan

To bring together civic-minded software developers to use technology to innovate in public services, by creating open source solutions to address the needs of citizens


Fight Misinformation in Thailand with Chatbot Fact-Checking

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Cofacts is a collaborative system connecting instant messages and fact-check reports or different opinions together.

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