A strategy for urban data

(PDF) How to develop collaborative data projects – for citizens, urban innovators, researchers and policy makers

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City Of Tomorrow

It explores how different stakeholders in the Smart City ecosystem can come together to build safer, more efficient and sustainable cities of the future.

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Foundation for Public Code

We help Open Source projects for cities become successful, build sustainable communities around them and create a thriving public Open Source ecosystem.

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Deze tool brengt alle onderwijs- en onderzoeksprojecten van de HvA in kaart en is een startpunt voor onderlinge samenwerking. Kijk, ontdek, deel en doe mee met HvA in de Stad!

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To allow low-powered devices to communicate with Internet-connected applications over long range wireless connections.

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Ping if you Care

The City of Amsterdam equipped 700 cyclists with a device that allowed them to ping when encountering a complicated, clumsy or unsafe traffic situation. 31,000 events were registered, which will inform upgrades to their bike network in the coming years.

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Waag operates at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. Our work focuses on emergent technologies as instruments of social change, and is guided by the values of fairness, openness and inclusivity.

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