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At Agency, we ally with civil society organizations in Africa and Latin America, along with their partners and networks, to advance the resilience and future preparedness of the ecosystem.

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To create a plan for finding technology tools that suit your social change project. attempts to remove barriers to legal assistance by providing DIY legal solutions in the form of videotutorials. Videos are recorded with professional lawyers, and are available in multiple languages.

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Barefoot Law

Barefoot Law offers free legal information and assistance to people through social media, SMS, Skype calls, andcommunity engagement.

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Beautiful Rising

Beautiful Rising seeks to strengthen the capacity, creativity, and effectiveness of social movements, activist groups, and civil society organizations to achieve lasting social change.

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BudgIT is a civic organization that applies technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change.

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City of Cape Town Open Data Portal

This portal makes available data on the City of Cape Town to increase transparency in its processes and actively involve residents and other stakeholders in local government, as well as promote economic opportunity.

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Civic Tech Innovation Database (South Africa)

The Civic Tech Innovation Database is a living collection of civic tech initiatives in South Africa.

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Civic Tech Innovation Forum in South Africa

Building relationships between government and citizens, and interested in how new technologies could enable better services, communication and accountability

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Civic Tech Innovation Network’s Medium

The Civic Tech Innovation Network newsletter and online magazine is produced by the journalism and media lab, university of the witwatersrand, johannesburg

cat-icon University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg, South Africa

Data 4 Change

The event is a 5-day design sprint where multidisciplinary teams consisting of the best local, regional and international talent in data, design, journalism and technology are teamed up with NGOs that collect data.

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Data Zetu Intiaitive

Data Zetu (“Our Data” in Swahili) aims to empower communities to make better, more evidence-based decisions to improve their lives.

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