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A New Coop Fund Pays People To Write To Wikipedia About Coops

I have added brief mentions of cooperatives to 9 popular Wikipedia articles, ranging from “France” to “The Internet”. Running a marketing campaign where one fact about cooperatives is shared 5 days … Exit to Community: A New Option for Startups?
  December 11, 2019, 10-11:30 a.m. Mountain Time Webinar What if startups could transition to ownership by the people who rely on them most? When a startup company takes early investment, typically th … Holiday Exchange co-op plans to revolutionise the platform economy
Taking time off to recharge or get away can help to improve our wellbeing, avoid burnout and ensure a better work/non work balance. A new platform co-op based in Barcelona aims to make it easier and m …

Its purpose is to advance platform cooperativism—a vision for online platforms that share democratic ownership and governance among the people who rely on them, especially those who contribute their labor and personal data.

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