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Non-profit, social enterprise, charity, or foundation, Grassroots organization or community network

Adam El-Masri
Andrei Betlen



What is the Dāna Project?

A social innovation mobile application that leverages the ubiquity of mobile devices to raise awareness and generate donations for community fundraising goals set by charities.

How does the Dāna Project do this?

By exploring neighbourhoods, donors can discover and contribute to every community’s fundraising goals. Donations can be made to a specific area so that funds are equally split between all charity-based projects within a donor’s designated radius.

Don’t similar donation tools already exist?

Yes they do, but many either come at a prohibitive cost, are not restricted to charities or are simply dated in the way they collect payment. Dāna Project seeks to be a strong compliment to existing large-scale fundraising platforms in a bid to modernize and mobilize the experience.

By-community, for-community

The Dana Project application serves as our first proof-of-concept approach by which the community is both the driver and benefactor of its development. Whether it’s our team of dedicated volunteers gaining valuable experience, the donors using the application or the charities on our platform, value is delivered to every participant.

Transparency and awareness

Developing the application in a transparent manner with community involvement allows us to better demonstrate the end-to-end traceability of donations. When coupled with goal-based fundraising, aligned by area or cause, our users are completely aware of the impact and use of their donation.

Technological innovation

Bleeding-edge tools and technologies are not exclusive to the technology sector. Innovative approaches in solving social issues and improving our communities requires the creative application and use of automation, big-data analytics, machine learning, mobile computing and so much more. We strive to deliver high-value at a low-cost with the development of the Dana Project application.

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